Avatar importer does not function properly

When I try to import my character FBX files using the avatar importer, it goes to this white screen and never leaves it.

Can’t figure out what is wrong. Same issue occurs when trying to hit “Cancel.” If I try and import one of my older meshes, it seems to work correctly, but then breaks afterward and becomes unusable until the place file is re-opened.

What are you trying to import? What avatar type are you trying to import it as (Rthro, R15, Custom)? Thanks for the additional info!

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I’ve been trying to import custom rigs for my breakable vehicles, but I can’t get it to import anything unless i open the place file after every time i import, and only import small, low poly files.

Are you running this on a Mac or a PC?

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i run it on a windows pc, my laptop basically, but i havent noticed this behavior before

Is there anything in your output during this process?

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No, it appears pretty barren. I’m really not quite sure why but it just becomes completely white and the only thing I can do is close it, and it stays that way even if I were to re-open the plugin.

Can you remember when you first noticed this behavior?

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today, when i was going to import a new vehicle mesh to test on my chassis

Great! Thanks so much for the info, it really helps to try to dig into this issue. We’ll take a look and see if we can sort it out!