Avatar Importer Doesn't Upload Meshes

I tried to upload custom character to roblox studio i don’t know why but it doesn’t upload meshes correctly


the vertices per object lower than 10k.

i think its a bug with studio or something :thinking:

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I would recommend going into blender and checking your face orientation, you might have some inversed normals. I would also check to make sure you are only importing the objects you need and not the whole scene in blender which might have some extra meshes causing the error, in my previous project I had 50 random vertices in my mesh file (no idea how that happened). Lastly, I would try removing all textures from the mesh before uploading (sometimes the textures can cause an error). Hope this helps, these three troubleshooting steps have fixed any errors I have encountered in studio personally.

Edit: Also by the way, it’s not based on the number of vertices but the tris count. But seeing you didn’t get an over 10k tris error, this is not the case anyway.

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thank you so much you saved my entire project, problem was textures… thx again