Avatar importer plugin is broken for R15 and R6, what I can do to fix?

2021 10 16 00 52 28 - Roblox avatar importer bug - YouTube – In this youtube video, I show you what kind of bug I have
Hello, I’m DarkBegin and I’m having trouble with Load Character and Moon Animator Character Insert. Both don’t work, they explode the dummy if he has accessories.
When I try to put a hat on a dummy, it explodes too.
If I leave the place and I come back in, the dummy is still weird.
Does anyone have the same bug like me?

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Yes I have a bug like that
The Solution Are Copy The Position Of The Head and paste the position in Accesories and move the accesories in the right position


It’s really annoying like solution.
I need to update something too!
This bug doesn’t happen in all games.
I have this bug in roblox maps where there is a night sky.
This bug doesn’t happen when I’m on a baseplate.
So instead doing it manually. I can copy a dummy with hats from another studio place.

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