Avatar into a tool?

Hello! I am trying to make a avatar into a tool, as like a toy on the shelf. I tried to weld them all together along with the packaging but it didn’t work out so well. As the avatar anchored itself to the original spot, even though it was unanchored.

Is there anyway to make a avatar or (humanoid) into a tool without having this happen?

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What you mean?An little toy in an sort of stick/wand?Can you give more information?

Well this is the toy that I am exactly talking about:

So you want to make it an tool(An grabable object.)?

Yes, I am trying to make it like any other tool, how you can hold on to the top of the packaging, and carry it around without it being anchored.

These are the plugins I’m using for welding and testing:

I suggest using qPerfectionweld, by Quenty.

How would you do that exactly? Like select the handle, and all parts still?

qPerfectionWeld is an “Free Model”, created by Quenty, just search in the toolbox, insert in your game, open the script, and it will give you more information.

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I have not tested it yet, but I will leave the Solution Mark just in case. Thank you.

I will wait until you answer me.

19:16 Brazil Time.

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It worked, successfully made itself into a tool. Will for sure use this method again in the future.

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qPerfectionWeld is an tool designed for welding, it is very useful, you can use in probably everything, cars, tools, and much more.