Avatar Legacy Scripter needed (280 USD) (CLOSED)

Avatar Legacy

Hello! My name is ValorDibs, and I am the Head Developer of a new and upcoming game called “Avatar Legacy”. We are looking for a Scripter/Programmer to help us code for the game.


This game is based off the series of Avatar: the Last Airbender, a personal favorite show of mine. The idea of this game came to mind when i realized the market for this game is pretty decent. What i’m looking to create is a Perma Death themed game where the community is a big part of game play. A player will be rolled into a nation and will be deemed a bender or not. The player will then attend trainings and classes held by their respective nations which will give them stat points to make them stronger. There will also be Community wide events that will happen that will create an ever changing story to keep the community engaged. If a person dies in these events however their “character” will essentially die in lore and they will be stat wiped as they would have to start over and roll their element again. One player will also have the chance to be the Avatar. This game is heavily influenced by the show, you can use that as a reference point of what i would like the game to look like.


Payment is in USD and im offering $280 Via PayPal.


  • Must be active and willing to work with a team of developers.
  • Must be able to work with concepts and make adjustments where needed.
  • Must have great communication skills in terms of keeping us up to date on your work.

Your Job

You must efficiently be able to do the following:

  1. Great security for the game
  2. Combat mechanics dealing with powers
  3. Completing 6 different sets of powers
  4. Completing special powers for certain people

Everything you need to work with will be provided for you such as animations, 3d models, etc. You will only be assigned to coding.


You can contact “The Blue King#1467” Via Discord where more information will be given + more detailed descriptions.

Notice: You will have to sign a contract before you begin to protect both the Contractor and the Client.

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Now I’ve read that you are offering USD, but are you offering $280 USD in robux?, because you need to know majority of developers are over 18, but some are not at the appropriate age to have a paypal.

I am interested in this position, I tried to message you on discord but privacy settings blocked it. You can contact me at QuantumToast#7675

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