Avatar not loading properly

Hey developers ! im a builder who has recently started to try at gfx . i try loading in my avatar for gfxs using plugins (load character and moon animators character inserter) but no matter what i do the avatars dont load . Please help me out id really appriciate it . here is a video of the problem prohriday's Place Number_ 7 - Roblox Studio 2021-02-28 12-37-26.mp4 - Google Drive


Hello prohriday,

I’ve tried what you’ve done and it seems to me it’s working just fine:

If you would like to manually import your character here are the steps to do so:

  • Test game on a baseplate

  • Go to the explorer and copy your Character, it should be under Workspace:

  • Now just stop the testing and paste it onto your baseplate:

It works just like the plugin, if you want it to be exactly like the one in the plugin then
just go ahead and delete the following:
Health & Animate scripts

I hope this has helped.

hey which plugin do you use for this is it load character ?

The exact same plugin you’ve used in the video:

i use it but i still face the problem though

First method:
Click ‘Play’ button. Find your character in Workspace. Copy it. Click ‘Stop’ button. Paste the character Model. Delete some scripts like ‘Health’ (the method that @JaeThi mentioned.).

Second method (not very accurate, character won’t look the same):
Use my plugin: Load Character Plugin - Roblox

face the same thing with your plugin

Ok so try the first, most reliable method:

By the way my plugin works fine (for me) on your character as well as @AlreadyPro’s one.

i dont know why everytime a load a character then leave studio and rejoin the avatar gets fixed

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Maybe you have some plugins installed that change the models when they are created.

these are all the plugins i use