Avatar Service Failing

The avatar service is once again failing. There are 500 error responses, avatars in-game are taking a long time to load, and the avatar page is constantly saying that the page is down. Other users have also reported not being able to load their avatar page right now. This started happening about 10-20 minutes ago. This is similar to the issue that appeared last Saturday, and I suspect if it continues avatars in-game will fail to load completely.



Can confirm this is happening in my game. Avatars are taking so long to load that they are loading in after I apply a custom character appearance and overriding my custom characters. This is breaking my game.

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Can confirm:

Slow yet again.



This is showing resolved as of 2021-01-15T17:21:00Z. I can confirm this along with status + showing normalized response time. 2nd outage in 2 weeks. Strange.


I don’t know what happened, but at 12:37PM (Mexico City) (if I’m not mistaken) the problem returned, I can’t equip some accessories because it marks an error. the API is down again.

It’s now down:

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I’m experiencing the same issue and so are my friends.

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Same problem, I can’t edit my avatar :v

Is this solved? I still have problems with the page… can you confirm?

No, I still can’t edit my avatar :sad:

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Me too, at least before I could equip one or another accessory with 2 o 3 attempts later. This time the page won’t even let me put one on and it just makes a error.

Seems solved on my end; however Status+ users USA servers so it doesn’t mean people aren’t having issues.


Now avatar page are completely dead

Yep, same issue, the avatar page is completely broken.

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Issue persisting - Attempting to change outfit causes 429 error.



And yet again:

Lots of issues today!


Partial Service Disruption in status.roblox.com.


This issue seem to be happening again.

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Seems resolved

Current incident here: Roblox is failing to load all assets (downage)