Avatar Shop incorrectly titled "Catalog"

The avatar shop page is incorrectly titled “Catalog” and incorrectly displays “Catalog” as the page’s header. “Avatar Shop” should be displayed instead following the recent rename.

The bug occurs 100% of the time and can be reproduced by visiting Catalog - Roblox.


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  • Platform Type: PC
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Thanks for flagging this! We’re still testing “Avatar Shop” as a new name for the Catalog, but once we are finished testing we will make sure to update the name everywhere.


When attempting to search for an item in the Avatar Shop site wide, the main search bar on the website still shows the result being under ‘Catalog’ as opposed to ‘Avatar Shop’.
This is a minor bug that should be very easy to fix, I just figured I should mention it so that other users aren’t potentially confused as to where they are exactly searching when looking for an item they want to buy.


The user inventory page still refers to the avatar shop as the catalog.
Go to any user’s inventory, choose a category that isn’t a library category, and then check the explore text at the top right.


Is there any updates on this change happening? It has been nine months since the “catalog” was renamed to “avatar shop” yet in most places in the wesite it still shows “avatar shop”. This would seem rather confusing for most kids.


Maybe this is me just being a little bit picky, but the tab on Chrome (not sure for other browsers) still shows “Catalog” instead of Avatar Shop. I’m assuming “Avatar Shop” is here to stay and “Catalog” will be removed everywhere :frowning:

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 12.24.13 AM

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