Avatar Shop's rating "Price (High to Low)" showing incorrectly when setting a specific price

So I recently discovered that the Price (High to Low) rating in the Avatar Shop is showing incorrectly price rating.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. First go into the Avatar Shop.
  2. Then, select any category.
  3. Go down to Filters, then select the minimum and maximum amount of Robux is costs.
  4. Click on the scroll down bar, and click “Price (High to Low)”
  5. You will see that it is categorized messy and out of order.

I set it to a price between 53-73. When it loads in, it goes from 60 to 62 to 60 to 68, and so on. Here is a screenshot of it:

And as you can see, I have it set to a specific amount:

I removed all plugins I had on my browser. I am currently using Microsoft Edge, Windows 10.


That keeps happening to me as well! I’ve tried toggling the filter settings to see if anything would work, but nothing does! I hope it gets fixed soon though because it’s annoying.

The source of this issue is that premium items are sorted by their original price, not the displayed premium discount price.

This puts all premium discounted items out of order when browsing the avatar shop by any price filter.