AvatarEditorService CoreGui prompts lock mouse when in first person

When using any prompt methods in AvatarEditorService, the prompt that opens will lock the mouse if the camera is in first person.

Currently, you must use the zoom out keybind on computer in order to unlock your mouse when this occurs.

Expected behavior

When in first person, prompts should not lock the mouse so that users can interact with them as intended.

Purchase prompts and other CoreGui prompts solve this issue using the Modal property by adding a button with size 0 that has this property enabled while the prompt is visible.


For real. This is so annoying when I’m in first person and a game just requests to view my avatar’s items. This proposed fix would certainly help

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This would be an amazing fix. Someone was playing an obby and died to a lava spinning part because the mouse cursor got stuck in first-person mode. I think seeing a fix to this could be amazing, as it’s caused a lot of issues.

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This is just an acknowledgment announcement!

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for the report!

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