AvatarEditorService & Outfits are not saving correctly

AvatarEditorService does not save accessories or layered clothing to the avatar or outfits correctly.

The web version of the avatar editor allows for up to 10 accessories to be added to the character, but the AvatarEditorService in-game version forcibly limits how many can be assigned to each type (e.g. Waist, Back, Shoulder) when trying to save an outfit or prompt an avatar change. This also happens when saving an outfit on the web avatar editor.

Saving outfits also removes accessories that the advanced tab allows.
Saving outfits also forcibly rearranges layered clothing.

Expected behavior

Layered clothing should be saved to outfits (or loaded from outfits) in the way that the user has specified in the editor.

Multiple accessories should be saved to the avatar or outfit in the way the the user has specified in the advanced options, and via AvatarEditorService in-game too.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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Thanks for your report. We are still discussing what to do about the 10 accessory limit but for the layered clothing issue, are you sure this is an AvatarEditorService problem?

When I create an outfit using AvatarEditorService that has custom-ordered layered clothing, this seems to work fine when I equip the outfit in the app avatar editor. It seems like the web avatar editor has an issue where irrespective of where an outfit is created the layered clothing ordering isn’t correctly applied. We will fix this, just checking to make sure there isn’t some other AvatarEditorService specific issue.


The layered clothing not loading in the correct order seems to only be on the web avatar editor. Applying the outfit as a humanoid description in games works as intended.

The AvatarEditorService problem was the one where it takes accessories off if you’re wearing too many when trying to :PromptSaveAvatar() while the web avatar editor allows you to wear more than one accessory, but not save them all to an outfit.

I thought it best to pair them as one report as they’re both avatar editor related, apologies for the confusion!

I would love to see the asset type specific limits (e.g. the max limit of 1 Hair Accessory, 1 Face Accessory, 3 Hats, etc… ) removed from the PromptSaveAvatar and PromptSaveOutfit methods. We should be able to save outfits containing up to 10 accessories, regardless of what Asset Type each one is.

A lot of people in Avatar Editing experiences combine different hairs and accessories of the same type together in order to create cool combos for their avatar… but unfortunately they can’t actually equip it on their Roblox profile unless they use the “Advanced” option on the Website avatar editor.

It is a big hassle for players of my game to have to do this every time they save an avatar, but the bigger problem is that most of the players don’t even know that the Advanced option exists (and I’ve had several people asking me for refunds because I “wasted their robux” as they were able to equip an accessory in-game, but not on the website)


It’s worth noting that outfits with LC with custom Puffiness have this same issue, but it happens both in the web and app avatar editors.

If you use PromptSaveOutfit to create an outfit that has custom Puffiness saved to LC, the only way you can apply the Puffiness on your platform avatar is by using PromptSaveAvatar on the outfit’s HumanoidDescription in-game. Trying to equip the outfit in the web or app editors will not apply the Puffiness.

Just mentioning this because “Puffiness” is one of two customizable options you can specify to existing LC on a HumanoidDescription, the other obviously being “Order”. And I rely on Puffiness for a lot of my personal outfits.

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Seems like this was just fixed in the web avatar editor. LC Order AND Puffiness now correctly apply when equipping an outfit from the website. Thanks!

Puffiness still doesn’t work in the app editor, though.

This is still broken. Simple steps to replicate (or swap with two accessories you own):

local hd = game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(game.Players.LocalPlayer.UserId)
hd.ShouldersAccessory = "4465135538,4465134255"
game:GetService("AvatarEditorService"):PromptSaveAvatar(hd, game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.RigType)

I’ve not tested every accessory type but it definitely fails for Face and Shoulder Accessories, and the only one that works so far is Hats.


There now seems to be a new issue where updating an outfit will cause the outfit’s thumbnail to not have LC Order/Puffiness correctly applied.

This only applies to the updated outfit’s thumbnail. Wearing the outfit still correctly applies the LC.


EDIT: This seems to be fixed now.

hi Richard! i was notified that the outfit wear issue was resolved, can you confirm if you are still experiencing this?