AvatarEditorService Public Release

Great update! This is a rare Roblox W.

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This is a pretty cool update. Although, I’m not sure how I would use this in a game.

Lets go, for once in a post they didn’t put rthro in a screenshot!


I can’t wait to see future roleplay games with this aspect, this would increase playtime by so much for those games.

This feature is really seamless and cool. It updates your avatar in-experience and on-website so quickly. A major improvement especially for mobile devices that would otherwise need to leave the experience they’re in to change their avatar. The UI is also clean, modern, generally responsive, and fresh.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that if you enter the UI while moving, it moves you back somewhat when you exit the UI. Not the hugest deal in the world, but just something worth pointing out.

Edit 1:
Now my review of the other test game (Simple Avatar Editor Demo.) Also pretty cool, though I am noticing that it sometimes takes a while for the Catalog section to load all the items. Sometimes refusing to load the section at all. Its cool that you can also create an entirely new costume instead of simply updating your avatar.

Here’s an image of the Developer console. Don’t know how useless that may be to possibly fixing the loading problem but yeh.

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I like how Roblox noticed we were trying to do things the AvatarEditorService does outside of studio api so they made an api for studio


Thank you, Roblox.

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Bit overdue but amazing

Why does is it only usable client side however

@TheGamer101 It’s great to see this released. I do have a question, however. Are there plans to remove the 1 item limit for accessory slots when saving avatars? It currently allows saving 3 hat accessories but only one other accessory in each of the other slots. The number one thing our players ask for is the ability to equip and save multiple hair and face accessories. Nobody understands why you can wear 3 hats but not 3 hair accessories.

A friend joked to me the other day that the reason you can wear 3 hats but you can’t wear 3 hairs is because Roblox developers think that hair gets in the way of their fedoras, antlers, and valks so why would they care.

All jokes aside, we have hundreds of thousands of loyal players in our avatar editor experience, and the majority of players that spend Robux wear multiple hair and accessories and have to rely on third-party hacks and browser plugins, that who knows if they can trust, to equip the items they purchased.


Here’s a quick history lesson if you do want to understand, TL;DR it’s an old organically originated limit that’s just happened to persist to present day:

  • Back in the day, you could only equip one of each item type.

  • However, there was a website bug where if you spammed the “equip” web endpoint a ton of times in rapid succession, you’d end up with multiple items equipped beyond the limit.

  • At the time, hats were the only thing that it was “useful” to do this with, as they were the only 3d item type that existed back then.

  • We couldn’t (and still can’t) let people equip infinite items, otherwise that would create performance issues in the games they visit.

  • So when we fixed the bug allowing users to brute force multiple hats onto their character, we special case raised the limit on hats to 3 as a compromise due to popular demand. (3 hats is also about the number that was possible to equip with the bug, 4+ was possible but extremely hard to get)


Thanks for the reply. I was not aware of the complete history behind this. The “resourcefulness” of players is truly amazing. However, with the current overall limit of 10 non-layered accessories that you can equip through the advanced options in the avatar editor on the website, why aren’t players allowed to choose and save their combination of 10 accessories to whatever slots they want?


Amazing update, this is going to benefit a lot of developers and especially ugc creators who have homestore games!

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I really suggest that it wouldn’t remove the emotes because it will bother other people who are trying to equip accessories. Other than that, it is great!

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By using the experience examples provided in the post as a template, is there a way to customize the avatar changing “room”? For example, replacing current blocky “void” with old avatar editor room that used to be on mobile and xbox clients?
(Why was this even changed in the first place, though? I totally prefer this over some random lifeless void with cubes)


Epic, a feature that might come in handy for training groups that require certain clothing equipped. Epic update anyways, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

@TheGamer101 The avatar editor (Avatar Editor in Game No Shop - Roblox) doesn’t seem to support layered clothing. Is this a bug, or do we have to implement this ourselves?

Updated, should support layered clothing now! I had the LayeredClothingEnabled config value set to false by mistake.


OH. MY. GOD! I’ve seen this in several games awhile back, but couldn’t find the actual module! Love this!!!

This still exists somewhere deep in Roblox’s content directory since the LuaApp’s avatar editor scene is a place file and they never removed it.

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API limits on how many accessories per category is completely unacceptable and spits in the face of UGC creators and multi-part accessories and that whole “powering imagination” thing. If this is the goal moving forwards with avatar limits: No. Full stop. Limits by category is quite bluntly put, pointless.

The limit rules behind the entire avatar accessory system on web is archaic and downright broken, there is no reason to continue enforcing arbitrary limits on “”“categories”""; that makes no sense. The number of tris, memory impact, etc. in any particular accessory does not care whatsoever about category, so I see no reason to enforce this archaic nonsense in new API. Setting this precedent would hurt freedom of expression on this platform severely. Until justification is provided or this is changed, this is completely stupid to me.

If you want to be smart about it, you could e.g. assign accessories an auto-generated “cost” that is proportional to their performance impact ingame, and impose a limit around that cost. This would allow people to have multi-part accessories (i.e. 2-part swordpacks, hair extensions, etc.) without making people constantly fret about an accessory limit, and without killing game performance. These accessories currently could otherwise be combined into single accessories that are more expensive ingame, but save players an accessory slot, which is not ideal from a game performance point of view. A system like this would encourage UGC developers (often non-technical people) to make low-cost accessories because players would be incentivized to buy accessories with a low cost so they can wear more of them. This leverages the economy to encourage good UGC practices.

I want to make sure that these dumb category limits are not the plan going forwards with avatars. This is not a good decision.

Repeating this here from my below post just to be clear.