The current accessory limits are needlessly restrictive, use accessory cost instead

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to customize my avatar to the fullest extent possible due to avatar limits that are needlessly restrictive.

I made this reply a little while ago, this is a reiteration of that.

To be perfectly clear:

  • Performance gain is a nice perk of this, but is not the primary focus of this feature request.
  • Players need more control over how much and what they are allowed to equip. The current total limit is dumb given this alternative allowing them to equip more items with no impact, and in the case of category limits, are totally arbitrary and serve only to annoy people and narrow freedom of expression and UGC design.

Accessories currently are hard-limited by total number, and pointlessly limited by number within a narrow range of categories.

The number of tris, memory impact, etc. in any particular accessory has no relationship with the accessory’s category, so limiting the number of accessories per category does not make sense. Further, as far as I know, UGC Accessories have a limit on the maximum number of tris, but this still allows UGC creators to overuse geometry where it is unnecessary, making the total accessory limit also ineffective. Thus, limiting the number of accessories in categories or in total does not have the optimal effect for performance, user experience, or resource use in accessory creation.

If the per-category limit is for UX / ease of use, it has the opposite effect. Players don’t care about category, they want to equip what they want to equip, and UGC is often designed to be layerable (see hair extensions). Being unable to equip what I want to equip due to arbitrary limits that break multi-part UGC expectations is more frustrating than needing to unequip an item to equip a different one. I fail to see any benefit to per-category limits.

A better solution is to replace current accessory limits with an “accessory cost” system. Assign accessories an auto-generated “cost” that is proportional to their performance impact ingame (i.e. a score calculated from texture requirements and mesh complexity), and impose a limit for total accessories equipped around that cost instead. Get rid of the per-category limits entirely because they hurt user experience and bring no benefit in terms of performance.

This would allow people to have multi-part accessories (i.e. 2-part swordpacks, hair extensions, etc.) without wasting accessory slots and making players micromanage the number of accessories they have equipped, and without killing game performance due to multi-part UGC accessories each possibly maxing out their tri limit. Accessories should be designed with the minimum number of tris required, and not designed to sneak under the tri limit.

A system like this would encourage UGC developers (often non-technical people) to make low-cost accessories because players would be incentivized to buy accessories with a low cost so they can wear more of them, and also enables them to make even more granular multi-part accessories for greater customizability. This leverages the economy to encourage good UGC practices, and unrestricts player creativity, while still preserving any limits in place for performance reasons.

Everyone in the equation benefits from this change. Players get more freedom of expression (very important with recent avatar improvements), developers have to worry less about avatar impact in their games, and UGC creators would be encouraged to use better practices and would be less restricted in how they break their accessories apart.


+1 to this request. As someone who’s avatar is made impossible with these limits (I have to use the advanced editor on the website), I would really like the ability to wear multiple accessories from a single category from any of the apps & through the recently introduced avatar editing APIs.

I made a post here which elaborates further :

This dragon avatar is NOT possible without using the advanced editor!


My avatar (which is also my brand; it is iconic and unique to myself) would also be completely impossible. I layer a lot of head accessories.


Yeah, same. Roblox needs to also consider that in the case of developers, our avatars are often our professional brands. I’m often identified by my avatar from other developers & players.

My avatar being made impossible = my branding needs to be changed, which affects my ability to network with people remotely & conduct business.

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My Layered Clothing avatar has to mess with the Roblox Avatar APIs because of two limitations

  1. The Advanced Editor doesn’t work with layers
  2. The order of layers cant be changed with the avatar editor even though the functionality is there in the backend

You’d never see this avatar if I wasn’t able to use Firefox’s resend thing to resend the set-wearing-assets request, since T-Shirts have layer 7 and bottoms (and overalls for some reason) have layer 4.

Who wears overalls under a T-Shirt?



Hard agree; limitations for the avatar editor should be as lax as possible! Enforcing layered clothing order is also needlessly restrictive! The order should be a suggestion, not mandatory, especially considering so many transformative “suit” style clothing items are categorized randomly between jackets, sweaters, shirts, and pants. I’m an adult, I can wear my underpants over my pants if I want to, Roblox should not be acting like my mother.


Thank you for the feature request! This is actually on our roadmap and we are actively looking into it.


It’s great to hear Roblox is thinking about this! This has been a growing point of concern for many people for a while. :slight_smile: Thanks for the response.