AvatarEditorService Rate Limit - Client or Server-Wide?

  1. What do you want to achieve? I need clarification on how the rate limit works for AvatarEditorService when accessed from the client-side in Roblox.
  2. What is the issue? I’m unsure whether the rate limit imposed by AvatarEditorService affects only the client making the requests or if it applies server-wide as well. This is causing confusion, and I need assistance in understanding the scope of the rate limit.
  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I’ve explored the DevForum for relevant information but couldn’t find specific details on how the rate limit behaves concerning the client and server.

Additional Details: When interacting with AvatarEditorService from the client-side, I’m worried about exceeding any imposed rate limits and potentially encountering performance issues. If anyone has insights, experiences, or relevant documentation, please share it with me. Any clarification on the rate limit’s behavior would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey! So, I was unfortunately not able to find anything related to this but here is my best guess.

If you are running it on a client script it will rate limit the person sending the requests because it is coming from their client / IP Address. But, if you put it on the server side it will do it server wide because it is coming from the servers client / IP Address.

I’d recommend doing some testing with while loops on both the server & client side just to see what happens. I’ll leave an example of something you could do, and run on multiple clients to see if it happens server wide.

local loopedTimes = 0

while wait() do
 loopedTimes += 1
 local success,error = pcall(function()
  -- Avatar Service Code

 if Success then
   print("Rate Limited At: "..loopedTimes)

Hopefully this could be slightly helpful.


Do u know how to read properly?

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