Avate Cafe Public Handbook

Avate Public Handbook :memo:

:tea: "Unforgettable freshly served drinks!"


Greetings! Welcome to the Public Handbook of Avate Cafe, this handbook consists of all information that you might need, such as affiliate information, ranking guide, recipes, and other information. If this does not apply to your queries, please message a member of the Corporate Team.

About Avate

Avate strives to provide unforgettable service and satisfaction to our customers, we provide a wide variety of drinks, and food. Our mission is to bring an enjoyable experience for our customers, providing our customers with the best services. Join us to support our growing and positive community!

Affiliate Information

Avate Cafe actively develops connections between groups on Roblox by making affiliations. Before applying to become a part of our affiliates, there are some requirements that your group must meet. Please note that exceptions can be made under special decision between the Public Relations Department.

  • Your group must contain at least 50 non-botted members.
  • Decent activity group and discord activity.
  • Your group cannot sell any ranks that give out administration permissions.
  • Your group must be able to send at least 2 representatives to represent on behalf of your group.
  • Your group cannot have any dramas and must be a positive and welcoming community.

:milk_glass: Milk:

Milk: Cup + Milk.

Milk with flavour: Cup + Milk + Flavour.

Milkshake: Cup + Milk + Flavour + Blender.

:ice_cream: Popsicle:

Popsicle: Long Press E.

:icecream: Ice Cream:

Ice Cream: Cone + Flavour.

:tea: Coffee:

Decaf: Cup + Decaf.

Espresso: Cup + Espresso.

Regular: Cup + Regular.

Latte: Cup + Regular + Cream.

Frappe: Cup + Decaf +Regular.

Americano: Cup + Espresso + Decaf.

Cappuccino: Cup + Regular + Decaf.

:coffee: Other Drinks:

Water: Cup + Water

Cold Water: Cup + Water + Ice

Staff Assistant Promotion Guide

There are 2 ways that you can get promoted to Staff Assistant, either applications or recommendations. Staff Assistant applications are released monthly and recommendations can occur at any time.

Please note that there are some requirements before becoming a Staff Assistant here at Avate Cafe, which will be listed out below.

  • Your ROBLOX account must not contain safechat.
  • You must be on Discord.

Moreover, please remember to abide by the following rules in order to become a Staff Assistant.

  • No hinting! This will decrease your chance on becoming a Staff Assistant.
  • Do not cause drama because you did not get promoted.
  • You do not need to have limited items or need to be aesthetic, anyone can become a Staff Assistant, the Human Resources Department is seeking for active and dedicated individuals.
Training Tips
  1. Be prepared for the session, make sure to have your greetings or scripts ready.
  2. Pay attention to the trainer’s information, they are very important for you to pass the session.
  3. Remain respectful at all times, being disrespectful can result in a demotion.
  4. Utilize the recipes guide above! They are very helpful to make drinks.

Written by,
Avate Leadership Team

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