Aviation Fight - Roblox Game Trailer

I just made a game trailer/sneakpeak for my upcoming roblox game, I need some feedback on this, I tried to match the music beat to the video, let me know what you think, (this is my first trailer)

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I’d add some footage of the actual game, so people can get a good idea of the unique aspects, instead of just the map for 1 and a half minutes.

Good job saying this was your first ever trailer, though! I do like the panning style over the entire map! :grin:


You could add footage of gameplay and game mechanics instead of just flying around the map in Roblox Studio

I don’t see any gameplay footage it’s just you going around the map. I highly recommend you add gameplay footage.

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Judging based off of what’s shown, there isn’t enough for a trailer other than promises of what it could be and some terrain. So I would work on it a lot more before making a trailer for it.

good but i think if you use the plugin called “Smooth Cam” The cam plugin
the trailer will be better . :smile:

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I think the camera movement could’ve been smoother and try to show fun gameplay… I wouldn’t watch this and think to play it unless I was really bored. Otherwise you did good!

For a smooth effect use A plugin called Smooth Studio Camera