Aviesa | Appeal Guide

Are you banned from our group facilities, Discord banned, or MR blacklisted? Here you’ll find some informative information on how to lift any of the following bans.

What to include in your appeal:

  • Include your Roblox username and Discord tag.
  • The reason you were banned for.
  • 3-4 sentences explaining why the HR team should unban you.

Important information:

  • Your appeal must be sent to an HR (Chief Staff Officer+).
  • You must wait a week prior to your ban before writing an appeal to an HR.
  • If your appeal is declined, you must wait a week before writing another appeal.
  • Take your time. If your appeal was rushed on and/or lacks detail, it will be automatically declined by the HR team.
  • Your appeal should be sincere and truthful. Should it not be, the HR Team has every right to decline your appeal.
  • If you’re appealing to multiple bans that are for the same reason, you must mention this in your appeal. One appeal will be sufficient.

If you have any other questions, please direct them to a Chief Staff Officer or above.

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