Avira DevLog #1

Hello fellow developers! My name is Jay_5D but many others call me jay. I would like to introduce a project that I’m currently working on called Avira! I will be posting a devlog about my progress about it to receive feedback on what to improve, and just your opinions on the idea in general!!

What is Avira?

Avira is an upcoming ROBLOX Studio plugin that allows you to enable amazing game physics and effects in your game. Avira gives a friendly user interface and has features that are navigable and easy to use SOme of these features include.

  • Enabling bloom, DOF, and global shadows to enhance the experience.

  • Add water physics, nature physics, and special day/night cycles.

  • Have the ability to change scenes, color corrections, and much more!

Here’s some progress on the project so far:

In conclusion, I will greatly appreciate some feedback on the UI!, and some ways to improve on it! My scheduled release date should be around August or September depending on my schedule.

Thanks for reading and happy developing! :hammer_and_wrench:


When will it be published? Does this do more good & easy than Roblox Studio properties?


Im scheduling to release it around August or September so around 2 to 3 months. Might be longer depending if I’m busy or not.

To answer the other questions yes! For all the other properties that you can add, you can have options to edit them including how much light it can take it, rendering properties, etc. Basically Studio features that are incoperated, but with more customization and more properties you could add to those certain effects.

By my next devlog, I hope too show atleast one example of the properties being used and customized with others.

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Can you explain a bit more about the water physics and nature physics, I don’t clearly understand, but this sounds really interesting.

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Yeah, I’ve never seen any plugin like this before. That means it’ll be really easy for me to work. Cause every time I need to go to properties and select parts. It’s really hard for me to do. That’s why it will help me a lot! It’ll be great if you release it soon.


Sure thing! For the water physics, you will be able to add more customization such as splash, clearer underwater physics that allow you to see underwater more clearly, water density settings, splash effects, and much more!

For nature physics, you will be allowed to grow trees, and edit them with n editor that allows for trees to grow, respond to weather with falling leaves, particles, and finally, the ability to control how much exposure, saturation, and color corrections are in the scene!

I hope this answeres your question! :smile:

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I.NEED.THIS.THING, this sounds really amazing, I’m bookmarking this page so around the release date I can grab it and start using this, great job!

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Really excited for this plugin! I feel this will make many current and upcoming developers work much more efficiently and easily. Keep up the good work!


Great UI, is it going to be free upon release?

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Yes! This will be 100% free when released!!


Here’s a screenshot of what it may look like in ROBLOX Studio!!