Avoid CaptureFocus to send the previous trigger key to the Textbox

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The error and the solution are described here:
How to avoid CaptureFocus to send the previous trigger key to the Textbox?

Issue Area: Documentation Content
Page URL: TextBox:CaptureFocus

Thanks. We are looking into this.


Hi rogeriodec_games, thanks a bunch for reporting. I was able to reproduce, but rather than waiting and clearing the Q from the text box, I’ve updated the code sample to use Enum.UserInputState.End rather than Enum.UserInputState.Begin.

It seems like the text box was grabbing focus while the Q key was down, rather than after it was back up. Focus would transfer, and then the text box would register that the key was still down and add the undesirable Q. Waiting until the key is back up to grab focus fixes things on my end. Thanks again for your help!

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