Simply, what is the difference between FWD, RWD and AWD, I’m pretty sure it means Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive, but like, what’s the difference in performance if I choose on and not the other, I’m leaning towards AWD at the moment, but don’t just tell me what I want to hear, tell me the pros and cons of each (if there are).

Thank you for reading, all responses, tips and feedback is very much appreciated, thank you!

Or you could just tell me what ones Jailbreak use, then that will be the solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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To find your answers:

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You want to code the chassis with the ability to toggle FWD/RWD/AWD. Then you’ll set some obstacle course and do a test run with it, like a scientific experiment.


Ok lol, anyways that seems like a lot of work, more scripting when someone could just tell me the difference, mind you, I’m not the best scripter, thank you for that video though :love_you_gesture:

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One information I know about the AWD is that is the default one, meaning anything that is expectable from a normal vehicle without any extensive scripting.

The answers for FWD and RWD are still unknown to me.

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I think you missed the question here. I know their differences in the terms but not the performance.

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  • Stronger for going uphill, etc.
  • Easier to script (but only by a little bit).


  • Not great for realism, unless you are making heavy-duty trucks. Most cars do not use AWD.



  • Good for US realism, lots of sedans and lightweight pickups in the US use this.
  • Slightly more power than FWD.


  • Not as strong as AWD.



  • Good for Japanese realism, lots of Japanese makes use this.


  • Not as strong as AWD or RWD.

Please correct me if I am wrong about any of these.

I assumed this is what you meant by performance. If you meant game performance, I highly doubt it has a noticeable affect.


Yes that is what I meant by performance, thank you for this amazing response :+1:

If anyone else has anything to add, please don’t hesitate to contribute

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The difference similar to how these three drivetrains work in real life. AWD has power sent to front wheels + back wheels. FWD has power only sent to front wheels which can result in understeer while turning. RWD has power only sent to back wheels which can result in oversteer while turning (drifting). Watch youtube videos about understeer vs oversteer if you want to get a better understanding.

I personally prefer AWD in most applications because of how consistent it is, also due to the fact that it offers the best grip, which correlates to better handling. RWD sounds like it can be fun if you want a car that can drift, however you could just decrease the friction values of the rear wheels on an AWD car if you wanted to achieve this same effect.

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AWD good for bumpy terrain but more unstable at long speeds.

RWD good for flat terrain where the wheels in the front are meant to freewheel at any speed.

FWD good for terrain where you’ll be going uphill a lot more.

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Thanks for the response but where did you get this info from? It seems to contradict the information I have received I’m my DMs?

I’m not saying you’re wrong by the way :+1:

I just made a car game and this is what i’ve seen so far.

Thanks for the response, I’ll keep that in mind👍

According to the recent knowledge I’ve acquired about this topic, AWD handles pretty good, RWD is nice for drifting and can cause overturn and FWD can cause underturn. To what extent is this true?
Edit:yes, I meant understeer and oversteer, not overturn and underturn lol

It’s true you can search up car physics on youtube and find resources like this, RWD means power goes to the backwheels, AWD means power goes to all wheels, and FWD means power goes to the front, rear wheel drive is most commonly used in drift cars, muscle cars, drag cars, while AWD is used in offroad cars, so there’s more traction and rock climber cars, FWD is usually used for standard sedans or road cars because of how controllable it is at low speeds, and how it’s cheaper to put in a car

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FWD = More understeer
RWD = More oversteer
AWD = More understeer

All of these can be tuned to fix these problems.
If you are making a game based on driving on roads, I recommend RWD. For a game based on driving off of roads, do AWD.


Again it really depends what car, if the car produces a lot of torque, rear wheel drive won’t be too sufficient for turning at low speeds, simply saying what each does is only half the story.

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so front wheel drive steering has something called understeer. the steering should be responsive for small movements but when you turn all the way it just locks up and turns really badly. throttle management is needed to turn a fwd car on high speeds. Awd is really grippy and will mean your car will be hard to slide. And when it slides it will be controllable. Awd is not as responsive as fwd and rwd on small turns. rwd is pretty responsive by nature when turning. also if you want your car to drift then use rwd. rwd does not always drift though as f1 racecars are rwd and are hard to drift. when rwd drifts you need to be able to control it unlike awd.rwd can be grippy or drifty depending on the car.

most sportscars,supercars and hypercars are rwd and some are awd.

most normal cars like sedans,hatchbacks and crossovers are fwd. although some luxury sedans can be rwd like mercedes and bmw sedans. so cheaper and smaller cars use fwd. some normal cars can be fwd but have more expensive awd versions too

all off road suvs are awd and most non offroad suvs are rwd or awd.

pickup trucks use rwd for the cheaper versions and awd for the more expensive versions.

jailbreak uses awd for all vehicles but if you want to go for a bit of realism you can use different ones for each vehicle

you should try test driving all 3 drivetrains to get a better idea.


AWD: Default, good handling, good speed.

FWD: Understeer, not so good traction.

RWD: Oversteer, most used by people that want to drift.

Basically: AWD for fast cars, RWD for drift cars: FWD for realistic town cars.

You can just use what you like.

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Thank you all so much for these responses, I appreciate the effort you guys are putting to make informative and detailed replies, there is a solution but feel free to carry on posting if there are things I’ve missed, thank you all! :facepunch:

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