Awesome Lightsaber Model!


I made a Lightsaber based off of the concept here. It looked very difficult and abstract, but that did not stop me! I may have been scared to even attempt it, but I did it in spite of that. This proves that no matter how skilled you are at your craft, you can still do anything you put your mind to. I incorporated those words into this model, and I think the work paid off. I am really happy with it!

The Lightsaber

The Post

I did post this on Twitter, I did not want to include my tag on the image, but you may check out the post here. You may like and retweet it if you’d like to.


If you have any feedback you’d like to give, go right ahead down below!


Lightsaber looks really cool, which program did you make it in? I also like how you have your own watermark that’s pretty cool


Thanks man! I made this in Blender. I also made the Watermark in blender as well. I really appreciate the love man.

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Love the lightsaber but i suggest making the handle an the pattern on the handle different colors so its more noticeable other then that great work


Oh, I just made it white. Usually Lightsabers are the same color all around (ofc not on indents, but you know what I mean). I thought it was more fitting like that, but thank you very much!


I really like how the light saber has that cool swirly design going on. Also I have a question: are the swirls a texture or modeled?


It’s a nice looking lightsaber hilt, you have done well on this.


There is no texture, it is all completely made of vertices. So yes, it’s a model.

Thank you very much! Well appreciated.

Wow that looks really cool! Its so detailed! :star_struck: