Awesome Studios | Group Guide

Awesome Studios | Group Guide

Welcome to Awesome Studios! We are a small Roblox developing group. We try and make games for fun. Feel free to post some feedback on the group wall!

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We try to stay active so post some ideas on what to do next on the group wall!

Group Ranks!

Owner | [Owner] This is the owner of our group! He is the highest in command.

Co-Owner | [Co-Owner] This is the co-owner of the group! He is second in command.

Head Group Admin | [High Ranking Official] This is the head admin of the group. They are in charge of all the admins.

Group Admin | [High Ranking Official] This is a group admin. They are in charge of moderating the group for spam, scams, and anything else that should not be there.

Chairperson | [High Ranking Officials] This is a chairperson. They are in charge of advertising and can host staff training’s.

High Ranking Staff | [Staff] This is a high ranking staff. They can co-host staff training.

Developer | [Staff] This is a group dev. They are the wonderful people that make our games!

Staff Team | [Staff] This is someone that is one our staff team.

Staff In Training | [Special] This is a staff in-training.

Group Bot | [BOT] This is a group bot.

Donator | [Regular] This is someone that has donated to us. (Thank you!)

Game Tester | [Special] This is someone who tests our games before they come out!

Group Member | [Regular] This is the lowest rank. People with this rank have no power.

Group Rules!

This is the list of group rules. Please listen to them to avoid being punished!

Rule 1. You MUST follow Roblox TOS and the Roblox Community Rules at all times.

Rule 2. Do not spam on the group wall.

Rule 3. Do not post scam games on the group wall. If you post any scam games or anything that leads to scam games you will be kicked out of the group.

Rule 4. Do not pretend to be a staff member. If you do this you will be kicked from the group.

Rule 5. You must listen to the group staff. You will know they are a staff member by checking their group rank.

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