Awkward alignment in a horizontal ScrollingFrame scrollbar

I bet you can see the problem already.

The TopImage, BottomImage, and MidImage is all a 1x1 white pixel.

This is resizing the viewport:

Notice how at some window sizes there is a 1 pixel gap in the left of the bar, and the others, the middle bar is raised 1 pixel up.

Create a ScrollingFrame in a ScreenGui.
Size {0.6, 0},{0.6, 0}
CanvasSize {5, 0},{0, 0}
Set TopImage, BottomImage, and MidImage to a 1x1 white pixel image
ScrollBarThickness 5 (in this example)

Studio version is 0.338.0.307917 (64bit).

Thanks for reporting this! We’ll look into the issue.

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This bug shows for me in Studio also, but it goes away in-game. I have overlooked it as long as it doesn’t happen in-game, otherwise I would have reported it a while ago.