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Axcerious (Builder, 3D Modeler, and Graphic Designer)

About Me
Hey There!
I’m Axcerious, and I’m a 3D Modeler and Roblox Studio Builder.

I’ve been part of the Roblox Developers Community for around 7 years,
whilst joining as a noob around 2011.

I’ve worked with many great developers in the community such as:
@Ep1cism @lolthespy @CovertCode @SteadyOn @Kensizo @WaverlyCoal @Krunnie @thunder1222 @xuefei123 @NinjoOnline @EmeraldSlash and many more!

I’m native to New Jersey, USA which is the EST Timezone.
I would consider myself very knowledgeable with creating Low Poly builds with mild detail.
As Low Poly is my expertise, this would be my preferred type of job I’d accept as I feel that Roblox is more oriented at this point of time to that. As Roblox evolves I’ll expand into different more complex styles.

My Work
The examples below are my best representations of my quality.

Building and 3D Modeling

Paradise Island


Credit to @NinjoOnline for coding this WIP

Toll Bridge Simulator

Neon Bridge Pack

Underwater Simulator


Payment can fluctuate based on Task, Deadlines, Job Complexity, and my schedule.

My services include Building and Modeling.
I accept Robux Payouts and USD; (%) is dependent on the project.

Contact Me
If your interested in my services please use the following ways to get in touch…
Discord: Axcerious#0836
Twitter: @AxceriousRBLX
Roblox DevFroum DM’s are always open.

Thanks so much for checking my portfolio out!
Credit to @Jupiterc for my PFP!


Woah, thesse builds are very aweasome! You have an talent!



Great builder and great to have around to bounce ideas off on any project, would thoroughly recommend!


User is definitely passionate about building!

Coupled along with his experience, respectfulness and dedication, I would definitely recommend him for your project.

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Highly vouch Axcerious, easy to work with, very kind, and always quality work.


Vouch, vouch, vouch for my boi Ax. One of the best modelers I know around here. If you want someone dedicated to his craft then he’s the one you’re looking for!

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That’s very wonderful. These constructions are extremely large and simple. My favorite is the Underwater simulator. I am looking forward to it. A bright future is waiting for you.what a talented builder!

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Not going to lie, one of the best builders I’ve ever worked with. He’s cool, composed and skilled. I would work with him again :slight_smile:


Updated Portfolio!

  • Reorganized layout
  • Added ‘Logos’ under Graphic Design
  • Added a few more examples in ‘Misc.’

Thanks for checking my portfolio out!

A very kind and talented developer!

Keen eye for detail and nice use of the “low-poly” aesthetic" throughout all of his work. Would definitely recommend getting in touch with him and commissioning him for some quality stuff in a nice timely manner!

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Updated my WORK!
Take a look under ‘Misc.’ for some of my most recent work!

Please keep this thread clean, thanks!
Contact information is provided in topic.

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Hello! I’ve added you on Discord, Harmless_Sound#6196

Your work looks amazing, hope we can work something out!

Sincerely Soundlikeyou.

Awesome builder, true talent. Would definitely recommend! :+1: :hammer_and_pick:

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