Axel_Glow's 3D Model and Render Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio! I am fairly new to the Roblox platform, but I have been 3D modeling since 2006. I have an associate of arts degree and am looking for more opportunities to put it to use! I have been transitioning my creative skills from hobbyist use, to being my main source of income.

games I have created include “Oddscape,” “2D and a Half,” “Gallery of Renders,” and a few other projects.

I have mostly been creating GFX for clients and UGC items for members of the Star Creator program.

I have also been creating Content on YT as of late. This includes Blender Tutorials, 3D modeling streams, and Roblox Gameplay.

You can view A handful of my GFX here:Gallery of Renders - Roblox
You can view my assets here: Axel_Glow UGC Showcase - Roblox

Work already in the Catalogue

Horse Pool Float - Roblox
Bush Disguise - Roblox
Evil Girl Hair - Roblox
Insolence Hat - Roblox
Piggy Got You - Roblox
Bongo The Monkey - Roblox

Here are some turn-tables of my work (Items to Catalogue Specs)


Characters I modeled for "Piggy"

Here are some 3D Renders

I am available every day during the week. I am out of school right now, and working odd jobs. I set my own hours, so my schedule is flexible. It is best to reach me initially on here or on my Twitter (I am more familiar with Twitter so you are more likely to get a faster response there.) I prefer to do business calls through Discord when we decide to talk shop.

*Willing to arrange meetings at any hour of the day if absolutely necessary; with at least a day of notice preferably.

Prices vary depending on what is required. My UGC Models are currently fixed at $250 USD each, via Paypal. Pricing for other services are open to negotiation.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:

Thank you so much for your consideration! I hope to hear from you soon. :slight_smile:!


Looks sick, keep up the great work man!