AZERT and QWERTY keyboard input

Hi there
i wanted to make something with ketboard inputs (example: jump on ‘E’). BUT as a Belgian, i have a azerty keyboard. The rest of the world has qwerty and i was just thinking if I put in my script an action for ‘W’ (azerty) would that be ‘Z’ for qwerty or ‘W’ for qwerty.
Do i have to change my script for qwerty users?


When you tell the script to do something when the player presses a certain button, it will work for anyone, even if they have AZERTY or QWERTY keyboard. So, the answer to your question - no, you don’t have to change your script for QWERTY users.

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It would be fine to use QWERTY key positions for all of your game’s controls, since roblox applies QWERTY keyboard for controls to both of AZERTY and QWERTY, and switches back to the default keyboard type as the player starts to chat.

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