Azure mines (bad edition) UpdateLog

12/4/2022 v1 - game released

12/5/2022 v1.1 - revamped most pickaxes and made 2000m badge, added dripstone, ranks now give exponential pickaxe power (2, 4, 8, etc.)

12/6/2022 v1.2- added cheese a very very rare ore that can be found up to 6000m, added dragonglass, painite, moonstone, shatteredaurora1, baryte

12/7/2022 v1.3 - changed base parts’ models, added dreamscape layer and newtonium ore, added sussy torch and cobblestone, removed metal plate and copper plate

12/9/2022 v1.31 - fixed dreamscape layer being at the same depth as radioactive, zombies will no longer in blocks in radioactive layer, added spawn cube and secret button (look under the spawn platform)

12/10/2022 v1.32 - revamped almost all sounds in the game, changed map to be made of snow, added snow effects, sussy torch now costs 1 frightstone

12/11/2022 v1.4- added Void layer, super dark and desaturated, with good ores, added glitchium, same layer as errorite but only in caves, added more base levels and pickaxes

12/12/2022 v1.41 - changed OmegaNuclear pickaxe to emit sparkles, increased frightstone chance, changed sussy torch name into void torch

12/13/2022 v1.42 - changed game sounds once again, changed delay of xp and money pads, increased money/exp outcome

12/14/2022 v1.5 - added ice ore, changed zombie models to be player npcs instead, npcs have pickaxe, removed coinvalues for cheese, ice, errorite, and glitchium

12/15/2022 v1.51 - added ore museum aka ore lore place for game theory, changed errorite highlight into a selectionbox, added supreme torch, changed underworld music play speed to be at 1x from 0.9x

12/16/2022 v1.6 - added update log, previous versions may be inaccurate, added description and name to all ores in museum, revamped base part thumbnails, added moltenrock and mantle layer, added obsidian, added theme doing a glitch

12/17/2022 v1.7 - added sit command say /e sit, added tank near kingemote, changed icons for tools, added fat cat tool, added warps (wip), updated lighting

12/18/2022 v1.71 - revamped nuclear, explosive, and omeganuclear pickaxe, added builderman

12/19/2022 v1.72 - added freezer (under map), added head movement

12/20/2022 v1.73 - added themefatkitten, improved tank, added more npc’s to tank, changed kingemote’s name to original

12/21/2022 v1.8 - revamped furnace camera position, revamped forge camera position, made new areas for furnace and forge, added 3 emotes; t, russian, run, added themefatcat say fat cat, changed mantle and deep music

12/25/2022 v1.9 - added levels 13, 14, 15 of marketplace, added levels 13 and 14 of research, added levels 12, 13, 14, 15 of mining ops, added molten, errorite, frightstone pickaxes, added red astronaut emblem, fixed glitchium’s orecolor to match the thumbnail, increased wait time on mining ops generation, decreasing mining ops gold production by ^2.5 to ^2

12/26/2022 v1.91 - added crouch and sprint mechanics, revamped head movement, decorated the interior of the concrete house, added freezer from tds (pls no sue)

12/27/2022 v1.92 - added uv torch, removed supreme torch, added day and night cycle, added gold, diamond, coal, iron, emerald blocks

12/28/2022 v1.93 - added private server admin, increased mine collapse count from 100k to 1M, added noclip tool say !debug

12/30/2022 v1.94 - fixed shatteredaurora1 color to match, added amethyst ore, added level 10 of storage, fixed emotes list to run only once

1/1/2023 v1.95 - replaced snow with grass, removed snow effects, disabled ice spawning you can still find it in the freezer, removed crouch mechanic, changed skybox to roblox default

1/2/2023 v1.96 - changed the internal layer names, added a wiki page about the game (for now i will be most of the time editing the wiki)

1/3/2023 v1.97 - increased npc id range from 1.3 billion to 1.8 billion, increased dragonglass pickaxe range from 55 to 80, added spawn teleport say /tp spawn

1/4/2023 v2 - added the origins; a game where you can play the previous releases of this game, it has every tenth version (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) and you can access it in the game description, i will add more versions every tenth, just note that versions before v1.6 may be inaccurate

1/5/2023 v2.01 - changed moon and sun texture to the pokemon ultra sun/moon, time of day is now 6, changed deep and mantle music, builderman now plays a single-frame animation

1/7/2023 v2.02 - added shed for the tank, added banpetsimxplsroblox2, added shift hint, made roof for fat_kitten’s house, added street lamp to builderman

1/9/2023 v2.1 - added lights at the back of the shed, added cashier to tank, added 12 more materials (totally not a free model) changed material of the tank to brushed metal, actually smoothed terrain for the first time ever, added a slight blur to the game (at 0.7)

1/10/2023 v2.11 - added welcome badge when you join you get badge (this is for me to see how many people play the game)

1/11/2023 v2.12 - increased sun and moon size from 30 to 40, added back sunrays (same as v1), added realistic bridge, star count during night decreased from 5000 to 0

1/14/2023 v2.13 - added thermduo, givemeyourliver121, loudsfx to the tank, changed stone pickaxe texture a low quality roblox default, bundled up all “chat” scripts to be in one script

1/16/2023 v2.14 - added a “fake” map incase the terrain fails to load, changed /e sit to /sit, removed the “restoredata” and “abracadabra” commands (built-in), ThemeFatKitten’s character in base upgrades is now determined by a script