Azure | Public Handbook

Azure | Public Handbook

Azure Group

Azure | Introduction
“The future is held within Azure.”

Azure is a fiery yet cold dragon-themed restaurant located on China’s famous mountain, surrounded by the Tianchi Lake. We often strive to introduce traditional Chinese culinary courses to all members throughout ROBLOX’s platform. Azure was founded on March 1st of 2023 by xalvinqq, co-founded by tabbvs. Our main target in this industry is to satisfy all our visitors with a subtle burst of fiery flavors along with a fantastic dragon-styled dining experience.

Last Update: 3/29/23

Azure ROBLOX Platforms

Restaurant Coming Soon
Training Center Coming Soon
Application Center Coming Soon

Communication Server Regulations

1. | Respect. You should always treat everyone in the group with respect; disrespect or bullying will not be permitted and will result in consequences.

2. | Swearing/Bypassing. Under no circumstances—especially when directed at someone else—may you swear. This act will not be tolerated and will be treated seriously.

3. | Racism/Discrimination. Any sort of racism or discrimination will not be tolerated by us. This covers any behavior, such as phrases or messages. No one should be subjected to discrimination based on factors including race, sexuality, religion, or gender. We do ask that you respect the seriousness with which this offense will be treated seriously.

4. | Online dating/affairs. Even if it’s just a joke, any online relationships must stay outside of Azure. This is not tolerable, and appropriate action will be taken.

5. | Self Promotion/Advertising. This will not be tolerated and will have consequences. This includes sending invites in DMs.

6. | Links. We vehemently disallow any links received through any channels. This applies to server invites, website links, video links, etc.

7. | DOXing. Even with permission, you are not permitted to disclose any private or confidential information about you or other people. This will have serious implications because it raises the possibility of legal issues.

8. | Spam/Flooding. You are not permitted to flood in any way or spam any chats. If done it will result into an immediate ban.

Restaurant Guidelines

1. | Respect. Similarly to our communication server regulations, you should always treat everyone in the group with respect; disrespect or bullying will not be permitted and will result in consequences.

2. | Trolling. In the premises of Azure, trolling will not be tolerated. This action includes disrupting customers, dancing on tables, ordering items off the menu, and abusing capitals. Trolling for your own amusement can ruin another person’s dining experience and will have consequences depending on severity.

3. | Spamming/Exploiting. Spamming and exploiting will be counted as a high offense and will result in an immediate pban. These actions reflect on the entire server and will not be taken lightly. Other high offense protocol include discrimination, inappropriateness, and death threats.

4. | Clothing. On ROBLOX, there are many people under the age of 13, meaning appropriate atire is essential. Not only is bypassed clothing blacklisted but enlarged 3D clothing is also. This will cause disruption amoungst customers and is extremely prohibited.

Rank Descriptions

Customer: A member of our public ROBLOX group. Our staff will be more than happy to provide our customers with hot meals right off the grill.

Noted Customer: Individuals who have pledged their royalty to Azure by contributing something to our development process. Our Chairman and Chairwoman has hand-picked these people themselves.

Trainee: People who have successfully passed the mini application in the application center. Congratulations! Although, they still have to attend a training session before they can officially step foot in the kitchen.

Junior Waiter: Officially a staff member that is able to serve customers. These people know the basics of Azure and has started their career path within our group.

Hibachi Chef: An official staff member that is able to serve customers. This rank has shown dedication within our group and has recieved 50 staff points. Along with this, they have gained access to serve at the hibachi grills.

Skilled Hibachi Chef: An official staff member that is able to serve customers. This rank has shown dedication within our group and has recieved over 100 staff points. SHCs are now eligible to apply for Staff Intern.

Staff Intern: Staff Intern is the first management rank. This rank is usually earned through passing our strict management applications or going through the recommendation process. These members are currently going through a certification trial to progress to the next rank. More information on how to recieve this rank will be put under the Low Rank Promotion Guide drop down.

Staff Assistant: People who have successfully passed their trial and officially became a certified management member. This rank is allowed to train, assist, and spectate training sessions. Along with these abilities, they are able to kick trollers from the game.

Supervisor: Supervisors are promoted Staff Assistants who have shown their dedication to Azure and have put effort into our community. These people are allowed to train and assist during training sessions. Additionally, they are able to ban people from the main experience and host gamenights for the community.

Deputy Manager: This rank is one rank away from the highest MR rank available at Azure. These people have proved many of their abilities and are ready to handle some of the toughest jobs at Azure. They are allowed to train, assist, co-host, or host training sessions. They are also allowed to host gamenights for the community and pban people from the main game.

Manager: Last but not least, Managers are our highest management position at Azure. These people are some of the most active individuals who have really proven their capabilities of management and are now preparing to move onto the executive part of their career. This rank can do all of the things ranks lower than them does along with QOTD, demoting LRs, etc.

Executive Assistant Executive Assistants have shown their worthiness ever since they were a Staff Assistant. We have seen their ups and downs during every rank they have climbed. These people can now join a department and help out within their assigned group. This rank is one of the hardest ranks to achieve at Azure and it is only granted to those who have shown their service for at least a 6 months or more.

Chief Relations Officer: These people are promoted Executive Assistants from the Public Relations Department. They are in charge of all communication aspects of the group which include handling alliances, events, and our social media. This rank writes alliance applications for many other workspaces and ensures a healthy relationship with all our alliances and our community. This role is extremely active and a very important aspect of Azure.

Chief Employment Officer: These people are promoted Executive Assistants from the Employment Department. They are in charge of all staffing and staff management aspects of the group which include management applications, hiring Staff Interns, keeping track of promotions and demotions, etc. In addition, they are also in charge of certification trials, recommendations, and ban appeals. This role is extremely hard working and also a very important aspect of Azure.

Head of Operations: These few members are the head of their whole department and they have a big responsibility within the team. They are in charge of keeping the staff members within their department on track and active. This is the first rank of the SHR team.

Developers: People who have contributed to something massive within Azure and is interested in working full-time with us. These people have shown dedication to Azure whether it’s building, scripting, 3D modeling, or graphic designing the restaurant.

Chairwoman: This rank is only available to one person, tabbvs. She is in charge of overseeing both the Public Relations and Employment Department, the management team, and the community as a whole. Tab is the creative director of Azure and pitches in any ideas or concerns she has while working here. She is willing to make sure everything is running smoothly and is a big part in Azure’s success.

Chairman: The founder of Azure. This rank is in charge of overseeing both the Public Relations and Employment Department, the management team, and the community. The Chairman is in charge of hiring developers to develop Azure and works on the developmental side of the group.

Low Rank Promotion Guide

Trainee: In order to become a trainee and be eligible for training, you must pass our trainee application located [here].

Junior Waiter: In order to become a Junior Waiter, you must attend and pass a scheduled training session. Make sure you join 10 minutes prior before the starting time.

Hibachi Chef: In order to become a Hibachi Chef, you must get 50 staff points. This can be bought with robux or earned by working in the restaurant.

Skilled Hibachi Chef: In order to become a Skilled Hibachi Chef, you must gain 100 staff points. This can be bought with robux or earned by working in the restaurant.

Staff Intern: In order to become a Staff Intern, you must pass our management applications or go through the recommendation process. With this, you must have met all our requirements in order to become a management member. More information and tips on how to recieve this rank will be stated below.


  • Must be a Skilled Hibachi Chef
  • Must be 13 years of age or older
  • Must be in our Discord server
  • Must not have safechat
  • Must have decent use of grammar
  • You must show hard work and dedication within our group
  • No bad reputation within the ROBLOX workspace industry.

Tips and Tricks

  • Remain active and consistent. Sometimes, people spend hours trying to get recommended one day and then aren’t active at all the rest of the week. This is an example of what you should not do. Instead, do 30-45 minutes each day. Work even when there isn’t MRs.
  • Get involved within the community. Azure is here to create enjoy and happiness for all players. We look for people who maximizes our group as best as possible. Attend gamenights, chat in the communications server, get involved!
  • Stay motivated. People usually give up when they’re so close to being promoted.
  • Be professional. Doing this shows us you are a good canadiate to represent our group. Using grammar does improve your chances.
Training Sessions

Work In Progress.

Affiliation & Alliance Information

Here at Azure, we would like to create and revel alliances with other communities to help each other generate memorable and enjoyable experiences with one another. However, we do have some regulations and requirements before you consider filling out the alliance form.


  • Your group must have at least 40 unbotted and active members in your communication server
  • Your group must have 50 unbotted and active members in your ROBLOX group
  • You must own a management and executive team
  • Staff members of your group must be able to maintain a decent about of professionalism
  • Community must be non-toxic and well organized
  • You must have at least two representatives representing your group


  • Your group must be able to host events with Azure frequently
  • Your group is expected to not be involved in any drama as it could affect our reputation at Azure
  • Your group must remain active at all times, even if it does not have anything to do with Azure. We want to ensure both sides of our alliance is active
  • If Azure posts any updates, events, spirit week, we expect your community to announce events as we will do the same for you

Application Tips

  • Be sure to use proper grammar as this is a formal application. We do not want to see any slang. For example: u, lol, y, bc
  • Please be sure to use detail as we are trying to imagine what your community is like and resembles
  • Answers must be straight to the point, do not go off topic

Alliance Application

We are extremely glad you are thinking of allying with Azure. You may find the application in blue text below. Once finished with the application, make sure you DM a member of the Public Relations Department reminding them that you have sent it. We wish you the best of luck!

Azure Alliance Application

If we notice any major flaws within your community, we have the right to deny your alliance regardless of how good your application is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) When do Management Applications come out?
A) At this point in our community, applications come out when we feel the need to since there aren’t many members yet. Once we grow in Discord and ROBLOX members we will release them every other month.

Q) Are you hiring developers?
A) Currently, no.

Thank you for being interested in Azure. Any employment related questions may be directed to the Employment Department. Questions regarding alliance and affiliaiton may be directed to the Public Relations Department.

Azure Senior High Ranks.

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