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Hi there! My name is Azza, mostly known as azzadraws. I’m a freelance artist and graphic designer who has been here on Roblox since 2016, and offering my services for this community since 2019.




About my work


1. Software

Drawing: Medibang Paint Pro [PC]
Editing: Photoshop CS6
Rendering: Blender 2.82

2. How long does it take you to finish an order?

A drawing usually takes me from 4 to 30 days, depending on the complexity and such.

3. Refunds? Commercial Use?

You can find the answers by reading my Terms Of Service.

4. Do you accept robux? Why not?

I don't accept robux anymore due to my complicated financial situation.

More frequent questions will be added here.

Full Terms Of Service

Most important points:

  • Commissions must be paid 100% upfront. I will not start working on your order until I have received payment.
  • A refund is only possible before I have started working on your commission.
  • The buyer is not allowed to perform a chargeback through PayPal for any reason.
  • If the commission is meant for commercial use (merchandise, patreon rewards, etc), you must pay a 60% fee of the total price. Selling my work without paying this fee is not allowed.

    I, the artist, will do the following:

    • I will keep you updated with my progress (lineart, coloring, and shading); sending you as many previews as you need. (You can request, too!)
    • I will send you a full quality drawing, png file with or without background depending on what you need.
    • I will be answering or your questions on Discord. Please keep in mind that my timezone is GMT-3 and that I might have another order besides yours.

    To-Do List

    Available Payment Methods

    • USD through PayPal.

    :x: I don’t accept percentage.

    :x: I no longer accept robux. Please, do not insist. Payment methods are already stated.

    :x: I do not work for free.

    I request full payment upfront before I start working! As I mentioned above, you’ll have access to unlimited previews and constant updates from me. There won’t be any exceptions to this rule.

    more work will be added as soon as I have more examples!


    :pushpin: Send me an e-mail to I’ll reach you out as soon as I can!

    Please avoid sending me “Hii” or messages without context. By contacting me, you’re contacting me with business purposes only.

    Please, don’t message me through the DevForum, since there’s a high chance I won’t get notified of your message.

    Thank you for your time! Have a lovely day!

    Check my commission status (open/closed) at my website before ordering!


    Look so good
    Can I trading Bloxy style half body with GFX?
    I have experience in GFX :flushed:

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    I don’t do art trades at the moment, sorry!


    I definitely recommend this artist! She got the job done quickly, and also sent progress when I asked (I asked too much though. :joy:). She acts very professional and her art is very high-quality. I definitely would suggest you to buy from her for your art needs! :happy2:


    Commissioned Azza for the second time, work was outstanding. I can’t recommend Azza enough, quality art right here.


    Wow i just love the colors and how cute everything is im amazed and i beg for the hugs haha

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    Wow, I am very impressed with your work and would love to commission you for an advertisement.

    According to your website, it appears your commissions are currently closed. Please inform me when you are available once again! :yum:

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    Amazing artist! :happy4:

    Provided me with sketches and constant screenshots of the work. Took feedback well and made any necessary adjustments quickly (I may have been annoying at times, so extra points for patience :sweat_smile:), while also adding her own artistic input.

    Would definitely recommend Azza to anyone thinking about commissioning her!

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    Consistently impressed with the quality and experience.

    We have had multiple commissions recently from Azza, all of which have been completed to a high standard.

    The service is reliable and communicative every time.

    Thank you very much!

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    Hey sent you an email, but I don’t really receive notifications or check my emails often. If you could send me a friend request via Discord, Upsetioz#0002, I would highly appericate that

    do you have discord I can contact you at?

    I would like to hire you.

    My discord is: coolguyweir#9679