B | Moderation Handbook


Pleasantries, and welcome to the Belgi Moderation Handbook! My appellation is Irene or voitrophy, here on ROBLOX and I am your Moderation Lead. In this handbook you will find the following:

→ Informative
→ Expectations
→ Guidelines
→ Punishment System
→ Mentorship Program
→ Conclusion

What is Moderation?

The Moderation Department was established to help protect our server from anything such as trollers, spammers, exploiters, etc. When you are a Moderator, you will be able to warn, mute, kick, and ban meaning that your job is to protect our server from anything bad happening.

Contact Information

Note these contacts if you ever need to message anyone regarding the Moderation Department:

➤ irene#0001 (voitrophy) - Moderation Lead - Direct Message for anything regarding the Moderation Department, Mentorship Program, etc.

➤ nik#4967 (iyasono) - Moderation Co-Lead - Direct Message for anything regarding the Moderation Department, Mentorship Program, etc.

➤ j!#1111 (s6renity) - Group Owner - Direct Message about any propaganda.


Moderation Handbook: B | Moderation Handbook

Moderation Trello: Located within Communications Server.

Moderation Punishment System: Located below.


ⓘ All rules are found specifically for Moderation in #guidelines; however, for the main server please look at the following:


Belgi values community wide respect for each and every single individual. We accept everyone regardless of gender, race, religion, political ideology, sexuality, ETC. Please be mindful and respect others on this server. Refrain from posting sensitive content and statements at all times.


This is not Group Recruiting Plaza or an advertisement hub. Please refrain from DM or public advertisement through our server. Failure to comply by this rule will result in your removal.


In order to keep our community members safe, we ask that you refrain from posting inappropriate content (including pornography, gore, violence, cursing, hate statements, ETC.) in all channels on this server.


In accordance with Discord Terms of Service, we prohibit those under the age of 13 from joining our server unless parental permission is authorized. If you are recognized as under the age of 13, we will report you to Discord immediately.


Failure to follow our guidelines will result in repercussions. The order of repercussions is as follows…

1 Warning → Kick → Blacklist

If you are blacklisted, you may not be given the option to appeal. Please abide by our community guidelines.

Moderation Guidelines

[:busts_in_silhouette:] MODERATION GUIDELINES

As you know, there are always rules and boundaries that you must follow as a Staff Member within any ROBLOX Industry. This does not have an exclusion for Moderators. In fact, you do have your own guidelines as well. Throughout this channel, you will be informed of necessary guidelines that should be known when working as a Moderator in Belgi:

➤ Here at Belgi, you are someone that members may look up to for protecting the server, and just in general. This means that we expect professionalism, dedication, and hard work from all of our staff and moderators.

➤ Please remember that grammar is REQUIRED within public channels of our Communications Server.

➤ Disobeying any of our Terms of Service will result in TERMINATION.

➤ You must be over the age of 13 to be applicable of maintaining a position in this field as well as even owning a discord account.

➤ Please expect more guidelines to be added on as time goes by.

[:hammer_and_pick: ] PUNISHMENT SYSTEM

Punishment System

During your time at Belgi, you will see times that someone may have an infraction within our system. If this happens, please take a realization of our rules:

:link: - Posted above.

Also look into Dizzy’s Terms of Service:

:link: - Search up via your web browser.

This is for if you find that if someone is disobeying our rules, or Discord’s Terms then they have just done an infraction. You do these certain punishments for an infraction:

Advertising - Ban
Spamming - Ban
Trolling - Warning → Kick → Ban
Raiding - Ban
NSFW Content/Disturbing Images/Inappropriate Content - Ban
Drama - Warning → Kick → Ban
Swearing - Warning → Kick → Ban
Underage - Ban
Other - Please look at our rules and Discord’s for more information, or seek help with that specific punishment from another Moderator or voitrophy.

The Moderation Department knows that there are times that things may happen throughout the server, and here’s a briefing of how to handle them:

This is whenever a person may be spamming to an extent, although we usually do not mute and just kick people, you may do this.


  • Remind them to stop
  • Mute

This happens with most infractions before more serious consequences like a kick or ban happen. This is to make them aware that you are doing something wrong.


  • If you find that whatever they are doing is against our ToS or Discord’s then you may warn them. (you can take bigger steps if it’s a raid, spamming, NSFW, or an underage person)

Once they have disobeyed a rule twice then you may kick them. Also, review our Infraction System as some things have consequences where there is no warning and you immediately kick the person.


  • Verbally warn (skip if our infraction system says otherwise)
  • Kick

This should happen as your last infraction, or if something serious is happening that disobeys our system.


  • Verbally warn (skip if our infraction system says otherwise)
  • Kick (skip if our infraction system says otherwise)
  • Ban (p-ban if necessary)



Since you are apart of the Moderation Team you do have requirements. The following is your message requirement:

➤ 100+ messages PER week; exceeding the limit is a good way to get noticed for a future promotion.

➤ Professionalism this should be implemented in every public channel and management channels as well. You should be a person that others look up to.

➤ Grammar - required in every public channel.

➤ Dedication - show this by being active, and working in order to possibly move up the ranks.

➤ Hard work is something that you should always strive to do. Everything comes with work.

Mentorship Program


What is the Mentorship Program?

The Mentorship Program is a program created for Moderators to go through as they learn the necessary information required to know to be a Moderator within Belgi. During this program please expect to go through a final exam determining whether or not you maintain your position.

How does this program work?

Mentees, aka you, will be divided into around 3-4 groups (GROUP A, B, C, D) and work with your Mentor in learning all the material before the exam comes. If you have any inquiries about this program, do not hesitate to direct message your mentor, myself, or iyasono.

:clock1: | This program lasts around 1-2 weeks depending on your activity within the Moderation Department.


The Moderation Department appreciates the time taken to read through our Handbook.

:question: *Any questions/comments/concerns? If so, do not hesitate to irene message @voitrophy or @iyasono on the disc communications platform.