B1 Certification English to Italian Game Translator For Hire


My name is wastemanty23, I was born in italy but i always loved the english language.
My English language skills
I have got a B1 certification for english.

My previous projects
I had experience in translating big projects like the minecraft server Hypixel.
I translate big projects and small projects.
100 words = 75 robux.
I count contractions like I’ll as one word.
If you are interested add me and i’ll accept you when i have time.
Discord: SnakeNM#9967


Hi! It’s nice to see new translators on the forum, but in my opinion B1 is not enough to make a decent localization due to the limited lexis. Why won’t you improve your language skills a little bit more before offering translation services?


In my opinion B1 is enough to find a spot to work in a big projects, one of my friends had the luck to find a spot as a translator for work at a pizza place without having a graduatory.
Also I’m taking another exam to get B2 as soon as possible. Thanks for giving your opinion tho :slight_smile: it’s really appreciated.


If you could add your prices, that would be great.


Ok, I will think about a reasonable price list and then i will update the thread.


Added a price section.
I’d like to know your opinion about it!


It’s not about luck, it’s about the end product. You may find a job with B1 level, but it will be poorly done due to the lexis/grammar limitations. I would also like to point out the fact that grade A for KET is a very low B1 on the Cambridge scale, which doesn’t even make it close to B2