B10 Portfolio [Open]

About Me

Hi there! I am a logo designer on Roblox with more than 2 years of experience in photoshop … I don’t know what to say else :slight_smile:


Here are some examples of my work

## About Me


I’m available all the time just send a message

Payment & Rules

My Comms sheet >

  • Prices are fixed 14500R (10000+30%) I accept only Robux via a gamepass

  • Contact me only when you’re able to pay

  • you must pay 50% in advance

  • Delivery in 4-14 days

  • plz check my comms status before contacting me


well the best way to find me is on Discord: B10#6777 or Twitter … but it’s better to contact me on discord bc sometimes I don’t see the messages on Twitter

Thanks for reading!


Your logos are absolutely phenomenal! sadly I can not afford them. keep up the great work!