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At Aldershot Garrison we assign administrator permissions for LTCOL+ (HR’s) In this document I will adress what is correct to use and what is not. Not all of the admin commands are here, only the main ones which need explaining! We have certain levels of admin:

  • Moderator - Simple admin commands

bring, tp, refresh, h, respawn, pm

  • Administrator - Simple with a few more

bring, tp, refresh, h, respawn, kick, pm

  • Super Administrator - Advanced admin commands

bring, tp, refresh, h, respawn, kick, ban, message, pm

  • Creator Administrator Permissions

All administrator commands, only obtained from FM+

So what commands are not allowed?
Well most commands are blacklisted for certain admin levels, but you can still use them

Action commands like:
Kick, Ban, Pban, Respawn, Refresh, Teleport, Bring

All of these commands take action on a character/user in the game, these commands are used in situations only when needed, they are explained below!

KICK - Only used for removing someone from the server due to trolling, or given multiple warnings and ignoring them!

BAN - Only used by LTGEN+, this command bans the player from the server, when a new server is created they are automatically unbanned! Only used to ban exploiters and people who keep rejoining after being kicked in situations.

PBAN - Only used by FM+, used for exploiters mainly, LTGEN request a FM or DS to come in game and pban someone.

RESPAWN - Not used much, lets say a ETS is hosting a training and someone annoys the training and they have no weapons, they can respawn them.

REFRESH - Hardly used unless refreshing someone for their regiment/rank to show or a character loading issue.

TELEPORT/TP - This command is not to be used as a waypoint or something to tp to someone near the uniforms. Used mainly if you are killed and you need to tp back to someone or report something!

BRING - Do not bring people of a higher rank than you, unless you have their permission. Used to bring attendees or users from a regiment, do not use :bring %teamName unless you are LTGEN+ and your bringing your regiment to you.

Any other commands are usually self explanatory, admin abusive commands have been removed. If you have any further questions feel free to ask our support team!

Written by uD0ge

~Be The Best~