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The British Army’s Forward Operating Base

This guide contains all the information you could need about the British Army’s Forward Operating Base.


General Information

The FOB is the place where other groups may officially raid the British Army. It is a large desert map containing 3 small towns, the British Spawn and the Hostile Spawn.

UI and Terminal locations

We use a domination style raid system, teams capture terminals which contribute towards a main ‘battlefield control’ value. The more terminals you own, the faster you will control the battlefield.

Here you can see, the main battlefield control bar, and the individual terminal captures.

Every town contains a terminal, which is a small, green latop that displays the capture value on the screen.

Terminal A can be found here ^

Terminal B can be found here ^

Terminal C can be found here ^

Terminal Capturing

To capture a terminal, you simply have to be within 40 studs of it.

Each terminal captures at a certain speed, based on the number of people capturing a terminal.

Terminals can also be contested, 2 players of opposite teams at the terminal will cause a stalemate. 8 players on team A and 7 players on team B at a terminal will capture at the rate of 1 person to team A.



General Rules:

  • Do not enter the oppositions spawn area
  • Do not kill the opposition whilst they are in their spawn area
  • No exploiting, glitching or cheating - will result in a shutdown and raid null
  • No flaming

Official Raid Rules:

  • The following admin powers are not to be used:
    • :to :bring :tp and any other teleport commands
    • :re :refresh :kill or any other command that resets characters
    • :removetools or :give
    • :watch
    • :god :ungod
    • :speed
    • :heal
    • Any other command or usage of a command that would be deemed unjust by the majority of players.

Raiding Conditions

Raid Notes

Each raid is limited to 60 minutes.
Each server is 50 players.

Raid Start Conditions

  • 15 BA Personnel are present
  • 10 Hostiles are present

Raid End Conditions

  • The raiders win by taking 100% battlefield control
  • The defenders win by taking 100% battlefield control
  • The raid exceeds 60 minutes, the British Army automatically wins.
  • The raiders retreat.
  • The server crashes lmao

Last Updated: 01/01/2019


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