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Officer ranks in the BA can be obtained by reaching the max enlisted rank; Lieutenant, and sending an application for the Officer Program found in the 'affiliates' tab on the British Army group.

Regimental Rank Coordination

Every division has four of the same roles, listed below:

Instructor - Major - CO
Officer - Lieutenant Colonel - CO
Executive - Colonel - CO
Commander - Brigadier - CO
Chief - Lieutenant General - HQ

Officer Program Phases

There is five phases in coordination to the Officer roles listed above, found in every regiment within the BA.

Phase 1 - Lieutenant to Captain
Phase 2 - Captain to Major
Phase 3 - Major to Lieutenant Colonel
Phase 4 - Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel
Phase 5 - Colonel to Brigadier

  • Captain does not require a regiment for said person to go from Lieutenant to Captain.

  • Lieutenant General is a handpicked role within regiments. Only Brigadiers/Commanders of said regiment can be handpicked from Generals to be promoted to Lieutenant General. LTGEN is a HQ position, but only command their regiment.