BA Essentials V2 || I can't find 'Click for Commands' notification on the module script

Basically, I want to find where is the ‘Click here for commands’ notification on the Module, I tried searching in the finder for something like:

Player,'Moderator', 'Click for Commands'

However, I couldn’t find it. The only thing I found is the donor notification.
There are other Module Scripts inside the MainModule, but I also couldn’t find anything inside them.
What I want to do, is change the Moderator, Administrator, Super Admin and Game Creator to something else. I already did it on the Admins list and etc, but I couldn’t do it on the notification.
Help would be appreciated.
*I’m using Basic Admin Essentials V2

Basic Admin:

Basic Admin Module:


Can you share a link to the asset you’re having trouble with? I’ve never heard of the admin script you are refering to, and other developers likely haven’t either. When you’re asking a question about third-party code, please include it or reach out directly to the developers who created it.


Sorry, I’ll add it to the topic.

Basic Admin:

Basic Admin Module:

@TheFurryFish made BA, you can always PM them.


This is in the “Essentials Code” LocalScript and it’ll be on line 2,597.


For future reference, you can press Ctrl+Shift+F to open the “Find in all scripts” window, which lets you search the contents of all the scripts in your game.



How to add tban command do I have to use a specific api and please if I do can anyone help?

I actually already found it and I didn’t see your reply, but thank you. I couldn’t delete my topic.

Would that TBan command a Trello Ban command? If so, you can already trello ban people on Basic Admin. When you add them to the Ban Trello Board, kick them and they will not be able to join again, as they are trello banned. If you meant a command that automatically adds the player to the board, then I don’t know if it’s possible or how.

I meant if some one is trolling and I want to Trello ban him Faster I just say :tban [USER] and he get added to the trello bans, plus sorry for the late reply

I honestly don’t know how to do that; you will have to add the person to the Trello Ban board and kick the user.

@joaosinholegal_br At some places instand than going to Trello and memorizing the name and getting the id they just type tban and it makes a ticket in Trello.

Yeah, I know what you mean; however, I have no idea how to do that.

It is not suggestable to use Trello as a ban system. I believe @TheFurryFish adds that if you want to keep on viewing the bans. Even so, there is limit to Trello. Roblox Datastore would suffice.

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