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Babikú Korean BBQ

About us
Babikú is a Korean-style barbeque, where our main goal is to ensure all our customers are satisfied with the service provided! We strive to introduce mouth-watering Korean Cuisine right here on the ROBLOX platform, while establishing a positive atmosphere amongst our community. In this handbook, expect to see information on how-to things and general information on key areas of Babikú.

’‘Delighted to grill, united to succeed.’'

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Alliance Guide

In order to form a viable affiliation with Babikú, you must meet the following requirements put in place for one to be feasible. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the denial of your request. Some exceptions may be made but, we do not accept major ones. Babikú expects those who wish to become an affiliate of Babikú to have good activity, professionalism and an overall good background on the ROBLOX platform.


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Think your group meets all of our requirements? You can start thinking about the application. We advise that you provide detailed answers, constructed to your best ability to guide us more to our final decision. All your answers should be put together on a Google Document, where our Public Relations team can then review and estimate if the alliance is possible. It will take up to 24 - 72 hours for the Public Relations team to reply back with feedback on your affiliation request. At this time, we ask that you remain patient while the department makes a final decision. If you have any concerns or queries on this topic, it is advised that you contact a member of the Public Relations department.


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Code of Conduct


All apparel must be appropriate in any of our games. If you are caught wearing something that is against our or ROBLOX’s guidelines, you will be asked to take it off. Failure to comply will result in a consequence.


Trolling is highly discouraged as it is a form of disruption. If you are seen trolling, a kick from a Middle Rank+ can be issued.


Exploiting is highly prohibited and is against Babikú’s guidelines. Any action(s) performed that is seen as exploiting will be accounted for. Exploiting will result in an immediate Permanent ban.


Spamming is discouraged as it is a form of disruption. If you are seen spamming, you will receive a ban from that server.


All other disruptive actions performed in our games will be taken into account. A warning will be issued followed by a kick if you continue to disrupt. A ban/P-ban will be taken into consideration if further disruption is caused.

Rank Informaton

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Staff Information

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Promotion Guide

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Session Schedule

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Extra Links

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Thank you for taking the time reading our handbook! We hope that all information provided has been of use to you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact an executive member.

Last Updated: 22/09/22

Babikú Presidential Board