Back To The Future Update Log

Update Log For my Back To The Future game.
NOTE: There Are multiple maps within games.
Other dev Milo_Pancake, Trainer_Ploik
**Keep in mind I have 10 maps, updating a map can talk time to transfer over to the other map(s).
Whats next? Create a New 2015, 1885 map.

– Theres been more updates I just dont log them on here.
V 4.4.8

  • New UI Buttons.
  • Story Saves! Saves what Story map u were last in.


  • Almost forgot about this log.
  • Added promts to team and deloreans.
  • Added Hint. Displays actions.
  • Shop System for roleplay!


  • Improved Loading UI, actually loads key things instead of loading entire map. Revamped alot of old code on it. Alot cleaner too! In all maps!
  • More map work.


  • All BTTF Story Systems Up to date :slight_smile:
  • Alot of fixes and improvements.
  • Redid Delgato mine and hill with New Terrain.


  • 1955 Map updated with new lighting and everything. Terrain and more.
  • Updated ALOT of stuff.
  • Alot of UI fixes, also new frame to see your stats if on mobile or regular.
  • You get teleported to car when spawned in Roleplay. Now you can use your train gamepass more.


  • New Delorean effects! Brand new sounds and effects, in roleplay, and in some story maps.
  • New UI’s in roleplay. Finalizing to put in story.
  • Updated LoadingScreen, has a nice cut away if you skip or watch it all.


  • Synced Data Across All BTTF Games.
  • Added Bank Of America Building. ( texaco soon)
  • Updated old Garage Inside
  • Updated Mall Parking
  • Added More terrain


  • New Burger king by Trainer_Ploik
  • Redid menus. New Icons.

11/17/2020 – Furious Jumper Uploaded Video on game!

  • New Cafe!
  • Updated 3 Maps to latest! End map, 1955 to 1885. another map.
  • Updated 1885 loading menu.


  • Finished one side of the new town buildings! 3 More added. More accurate models to be made.


  • Revamped Marty’s house! Inside by giginticsanti!
  • Updated Hobby Lobby building, now complete.
  • New Town Buildings, accurate from the movie. More progress to be made on town.


  • New Hill for both tunnels, used roblox terrain. Things around map may have grass in them.
  • Bridge river new terrain. Looks better than before, still not great.


  • New Gampass in story lets you easily hop across the timeline!
  • Updated BTTF game icons
  • Updated BTTF Roleplay 1955 map. Fixed some things aswell.


  • Updated 1955 to get almanac’s map
  • Updated Map Of The Rain Scene in 1955. A little Different.


  • New Bridge! By Trainer_Ploik!


  • 1885 Map new trees.
  • Fixed delorean sounds so its not painful.
  • New Teleport Pads I made that will be around new maps.
  • Sound Fixes

10/26/2020 MAGICAL DAY

  • New Theatre! You can even go inside it :slight_smile: Modeled By Me.
  • Recoded some delorean things.


  • New Hill Valley High School! Interior and exterior!
  • New loading screen.
  • Updated 1955 map to latest map!
  • Updated Return to present day 1985 map to latest aswell.
  • Updated some scripts.


  • Updated Delorean Inside and outside a little. :slight_smile:


  • New house interior! In ranch houses right now in Story map. Just need to add the interiors too the rest of the houses in the game.


  • New Interior of houses coming VERY soon! You can see what I have rn in a certin house so look around. 1st map.
  • Minor Town Fixes
  • New Hidden Badge you can earn. Where is it? Hmmm


  • New Clocktower! By Trainer_Ploik :slight_smile:

BTTF Awards Show on 29th!

  • You can now select one of the 3 timelines in BTTF story to time travel aswell as RP. A default time desination will be set always in story to contuine regularly. This new system allows me to easily update delorean car version alot more quicker. I can even easily update the systems time destinations for each game.

  • Updated 1985 map in bttf roleplay, aswell as added the new 1885 map to roleplay.


  • Added Final Side menu to all Story games. The updates/News will show on introgui on main game
  • New 1885 map(old west) comes out tommarow.


  • New house by made giginticsanti

  • New terrain for maps being added, so far in 1985 map, and new 1885 map. (1885 map releases on 100k visits)

  • Making a side menu, leaderboard moved into the menu.

  • Other fixes/ added things I have forgot to put here.


  • Fixed something in gui.
  • 1st map has new trees to be added in new maps later on.


  • new loading screen image
  • Mobile support added! Will be fixing info gui’s later.


  • Deloreans have opening doors, and new glowing bands. Aswell has a fixed chamber sound!
    Still tryna fix it on flying deloreans.


  • Added 4 New Morphs to BTTF Roleplay
  • Updated Drive in, and cemetary. Added into 1985 maps too.


  • Made my own Freight Train for the end of Part 3.
  • 1955 get the almanac updated and changed that games walkspeed to 50.
  • Added Biffs house! In main game and roleplay. Really good if I do say so my self.
  • In BTTF Story, you can refuel the plutonium chamber, you have to so you can proceed to the next map.
  • Scaled GUI’s for BTTF roleplay.
  • Docs house, new model by Trainer_Ploik
  • 1955 ClockTowe Strike, now it strikes when you go around 70 mph.


  • Updated 1955 map and 2015 map more.
  • Updated flying delorean, go 88 mph in the sky to go to the next game!
  • Fixed the bug where the message in presentday1985 still appears after one time.


  • Updated 2015, not ideal. As I just relieazed the way I have the cafe, cinemas, and clocktower in maps arnt correct. Who cares, its roblox.

  • Updated ending game! Now hop out as the delorean WILL get destroyed by the train!

  • Fixed game icon mispelling. Thanks to Trainer_Ploik.

  • Also the 2015 map has some more dialogue in the cafe and outside.


  • 1955 Revamped map. An edited version of the 1985 map. This was long over due. I updated alot of stuff and fixed things Also, I changed store names, change types of lights used around town, removed some buildings. To make it feel like your not in the present time anymore.
  • Added image and short intro sound.


  • New Stats System, tells how many minutes played.
  • New tunnel and backroad.
  • New shops in town.
  • Fixed highschool up, added fixed roads in town.
  • Walk inside the subway and get food.
  • Added bumps to drive over train tracks.
  • Changed houses clolors in neighborhoods to look different and better :smiley:


  • Updated Currupted 1985 map after 2 years.
  • Added more things to the first map.
  • New things on back of delorean, and fixed some things on the body of delorean. In back added new components and remade chamber and vents.


  • Added a flux capacitor.
  • Fixed some things in maps.
  • In 1955 you can talk to the cafe worker.
  • Added some sidewalks and lights.


  • 1985 present deloreans particles go away!
  • Added New Time Circut sound when turning on time circuts!
  • New keypad on delorean, all it does is looks cool and makes sounds.
  • Fixed the 1955 deloreans plutonium noise, it stops after 35 secs.


  • Updated the mall alot more, has buildings from real life.
  • Added some parking spots like from the movie in hill valley.


  • -FULL FUNCTIONAL TIME TRAVELING, teleports player when traveling 88 miles per hour! Also now has sparks and effects when traveling.
  • -Mall has been made bigger and more design put in.
  • -New sounds at end of the game!
  • New Lyon Estates sign ( By Milo_Pancake)
  • -New marty mcfly house.
    • Updated present 1985 map with the new map.

Before 7/7/2020

  • Intro screen, New Info Gui! Game teleports if you have end of game badge at spawn!This text will be blurred
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