Backdoor script? Help!

Bro I deleted that model that rock how is it still alive that script
and I will start opening every model :confused:
And can this script go in my real scripts and be stuck in there?

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Not really, but try searching the explorer of the script’s name. It could be the solution. Here’s an example of what I meant by searching the explorer;

  • Or you could just search; script or localScript and delete those that aren’t yours.

Just type in “script” in explorer and just open the scripts up and whatever is suspicious remove it.

How do i know the name of that script and you guys are saying its a local script right?

Yes, it’s a local script. You can’t prompt purchase on the server. It only works on localScript as far as I know. So it’s definitely a localScript and I’m sure that it isn’t a script.

Just try my method, it will work for sure. It never let me down when it comes to deleting remanent viruses for me.

Hey guys I found a sus script called “AdminLoader” it says don’t delete this script or something bad will happen Idk what to do because what if something bad more happens? and its a server script
Edit: yeah its admin loader I just saw like 10 of them

It could be that. Is the script supposed to be in your game? If not, then delete it. Play the game once you deleted the script, and if it’s still happening then it isn’t that “Adminloader” script that’s prompting the purchase.

Yeah thank you guys for helping me find this @lsteveooo @Obsentiel

Is it fixed? If so, then congrats. You should also be aware that these types of scripts are harmful, and can cause bad influence to your game. I’m glad to help.

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Next time, I’d recommend having a separate place, such as a testing place to clean out any potential virus in a free model rather than directly importing it into your real game.

I agree! Once you are 100% sure that there is no virus on the specific model from the toolbox, you can insert it to your main place by Ctrl + C and pasting it on your main place. You’d have to have both, test and main place open at the same time to do this method. Or save that model to your file, and use the workspace to insert from the file, and bam.


Guys the problem is still happening in team test!
when I regular test game it doesn’t happen but in team test iT DOES!



use this plugin GameGuard Anti Virus V2.5 [ALPHA] - Roblox GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA]


It’s probably a plugin or some sort. If you’re saying that it only appears in Roblox Studio, but not in the Roblox Player. Try checking your plugins and remove the plugin from your Inventory. Plugins can sometimes create scripts or run through default. If that wasn’t the case, then your place is most likely to be compiled.

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All plugins I downloaded have been real and not a scam
I always check if they are malicious or not

Try checking all the scripts in your game at once by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F and entering some keywords like require


send us a list of your plugins please. we can tell you if any of them are malicious.

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To detect a virus/backdoor in a game do the following steps.
#1. Do Control+Shift+F and search “Rosync” This is a common virus that most people are not aware of they have in their game
#2. In the game workspace explorer search for Spread. This is a script that just causes the game to lag
#3. Do Control+Shift+F and search up Loadstring,Getferv or require (Rarely used for viruses) suspicious scripts should pop up. It is most likely a virus or a backdoor.

Yeah that is 100% a malicious script. Delete it at once.

Also press ctrl+shift+f then search :Promt

you cold also use “Classname: Script” to find script paths!

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