GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA]

please note that this is in alpha so expect some bugs sorry lol

:play_or_pause_button: YouTube showcase video: Roblox Anti Virus Showcase | GameGuard Anti Backdoor Plugin - YouTube

:white_check_mark: Plugin: GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA] - Roblox


GameGuard Anti Virus is an amazing antivirus detecting backdoors, viruses, and malicious scripts in your whole game. With the new UI, speed, and features, you can remove viruses from your game easily, and you cant not get this FREE plugin.

This plugin has been tested on more than 50 backdoor modules and detected all of them. Please note that false positives might happen in bigger games, but usually, there won’t be any.
UI example: image

Just click the green arrow and the plugin will do its magic in detecting the backdoors and viruses and notifying them to you.

You can click to delete the script straight from the plugin, and not search for the script in the explorer.
This plugin will get updated frequently, making better and more consistent virus and backdoor prevention each update. Here are the current features:

  • A high-quality plugin scanner
  • A high-quality feel
  • A high-quality whitelisting system
  • Faster scanning than most anti-viruses
  • More virus/backdoor keywords than normal anti-viruses
  • Click to delete scripts from plugin UI
  • Shows scan progress
  • etc.
How does this compete with other Antiviruses?

This antivirus is special and different from the others.
It has, first off, more detection keywords than normal antiviruses. It has 120+ name keywords and 25+ code keywords.

This antivirus has a graphic interface that most antiviruses don’t have.

This antivirus also doesn’t delete the viruses for you, it gives you the decision to remove the virus to make sure you don’t remove any false positives.

This plugin is safe, most antiviruses either insert a virus into your game or get discontinued in a week of production. This antivirus is secured and will not get discontinued because even I, the creator of it use it basically every day on my games and my friend’s games, and I don’t want to make a plugin that I won’t use. I never insert viruses, backdoors, etc into my work, you can go ahead and check my source code for any viruses. Go ahead, I don’t mind unless you skid.

About me, the creator.

Hello, I am Dan, the creator of GameGuard. I am a professional scripter that is pissed off by the amounts of viruses and server sides in the toolbox and wants to battle them. I have gotten more than 200+ viruses in my 4 years of scripting and using free models, and I know basically every type of virus and easy way of removing them. To help other people, I have created this plugin. It will scan every script for these viruses with very few false positives every now and then; to guarantee the safety of Roblox developers.


People think that this is a virus and this gives you RoSync… whaaaat?

I do not know why people are doing this but if this goes on I will have to close the comments. This is false information, if you don’t believe me check the source as there is nothing malicious inside it.

I hope all of you like the plugin and have a safe day!

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Incredible! Thank you so much for this. Everyone should have some type of antivirus guard for their game.


Not if they don’t use free models.


Some plugins are viruses too


My question is, why use this over @MightTea’s more advanced plugin?


I forgot what the toolbox looks like now. I think that’s a good thing.


Are you able to whitelist scripts from being scanned? There are some legitimate use cases for setfenv, getfenv and require, and I don’t want those scripts to be picked up.


I will make a settings option really soon where you can add keycodes, whitelist scripts, etc.


Updated the anti virus!

  • Optimized scanning for faster scanning on bigger games.
  • Now the plugin checks for possible script threats in NAMES, such as vaccine, spread, etc.

Next update:

  • Settings menu where you may whitelist scripts, add keycodes to count as a virus, and more that will save.

This detects:

  • Threats in code (require, getfenv, +20 more)
  • Names (over 100)

This is going to soon be upgraded to check other plugin’s source for malicious script creation, and a script whitelist system.


Alright, thank you for the recommendation, I will try to implement that soon! :slight_smile:

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Which is why I am adding a whitelisting script system.
And, around 90 percent of a time those are backdoors, so there is no reason to not include it in the plugin.


Ok, good that can really help.

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Expanding on what @bacionhairmanfur2 said, require is very rarely a threat in scripts. Does this have a whitelist for particular modules, or does it detect all require() scripts and ModuleScript‘s as malicious?

(Also, you should probably search in scripts for the terms luraph, SynapseXen and IronBrew, as they are commonly used obfuscators to hide malicious backdoors)

Rarely, but still is a threat.

No, but we will add a whitelisting system really soon, and sometime this week. It will let you whitelist script names to not be picked up either name threats or code threats.

Currently, it does.

Although this happens rarely because the developers of those obfuscators made clear to not obfuscate malicious code or you will be blacklisted and all the skids are terrified, I will add detection for those aswell.

Thank you for the suggestions!

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Cool! I will test this out on a game I made that has viruses when I get home. It’s always great to see anti-viruses on Roblox!


This will be added in the update after whitelisting.

I will obfuscate it so no one can look at my source. If they want proof its not malicious, they can DM me on Discord.

Thank you for the suggestions! :slight_smile:


You’re going to get insane amounts of false positives. Require() is very rarely used maliciously, it’s only really used paired with byte code in a malicious way.

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Sometime today I am releasing the whitelisting system (for the 50th time) so you wont have to worry about it.
And very rarely doesn’t mean never.

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True, but like I said the false positives are a big problem. I’ll make sure to use the blacklist feature to make sure require() is not searched. I’ve only ever seen 2 examples of a virus using require() and the rest use getfenv() or loadstring().