Backengineering the Group Search

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I am baffled by the search engine algorithm, but most particularly the group search. Here are some examples of group searches. It appears that the first result has some relevance and all subsequent results are exactly the same. Any insights? Thanks.

Just in case the images didn’t upload here are the corresponding queries:


The search results are based on the words in the group’s title AND description along with the member count.

All of those search results have similar results because they all have the word group in their group and/or description.

The one that matches the results the most would be on the top.

When you searched chat group the first result was a group called chat group.

The rest of the results are based on the most popular groups that contain the word group.

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Two groups cannot have the same name, unlike games. Therefore, the first result will always be what you asked for, if it exists. Otherwise, it will put relevant things first, and then it just puts popular groups.

So are you guys saying in each of these cases that there’s just one relevant group? I find that really hard to believe.

You need to be specific with your search query. Do not add these words:

  • group
  • roleplay
  • military
  • building
  • YouTube
  • official

These words are almost always irrelevant since such a large portion of groups have them in their name or description.

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I gotcha. So strive for the long tail in the Roblox search. Thanks. This helps.

Any idea how often the pages are crawled?

I’m not sure. Seems to be every day but it only accepts assets and groups that were created over 7 days ago.

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