Backflip and Front flip animation

Hi! I made 2 animations, one is a front flip, and the other is a backflip.


Front flip

Tell me what I could improve!


Good for the first time, but it’s pretty unrealistic. Maybe make at the beginning character bending and preparing for back/front flip.

Kinda blocky, and I recommend the default animation editor, as it is more simple to use. And I agree with @Minecraftman200666

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I’ve tried using the default one before, but it makes my animation way to fast, and I don’t have enough space to finish it

You have to adjust the length of the animation in the default one, that’s likely why, you can make really good animations using just the default one + the default one allows key events, so you can read the event while the animation is playing

i know, sometimes there is not enough time, but look!

just type the time you want

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Oh thank you! Good idea! hhhhh

omg thanks this is like my 5th post and i became a solution!!!