Background for a youtube pfp

hi! im fairly new to making gfx’s and stuff but i want to make a youtube pfp. i have rendered my character but want to make a background for it.

thisis a reference for what i want it to look like:

thanks for any help!


I really love the designed of it! Would look amazing as a Youtube pfp!

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bro i need help making that, i didnt make it


Maybe this could help

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You can use what I’m about to say in like PhotoShop or some of those art designing apps that include random things like green screen and stuff.
So what you could do is get an image of your Roblox Avatar, could be through Roblox Studio or something, and cut it out so that you only see the avatar, you could add filters (somehow, im just spitting an idea out), or to make it easier, get a picture of your Roblox avatar with a big green part behind and below it to make a green screen and use that. Then what you can do is make a unique background using some art tools, and put the finished background as the green screen behind your avatar. Try making the position of your character from the view that it has on the example and moving the head sideways a tiny bit before you take a picture of it in front of the green screen.

Sorry if this was really confusing but hope it helps :slight_smile:


Use IbisPaint X it has a lot of cool effects like the spiral and glow & more

Hi, sorry if this is a late response, but maybe look at

this tutorial by Alexander The Xiitro, it’s got a link to that Sunburst effect plus a lot of other resources for making GFX PFPs

hey, you should render your character to a transparent background, then go to any editing software and put the background as a seperate layer under your character render. i hope this helps