Background transparent with visible outline

I’m attempting to leave the border of UI while making the background transparent but I’m having trouble figuring out how as I don’t do UI too often. Any ideas? It seems so basic yet I can’t figure it out.

well, u can’t.
the only thing u can do is just setting BackgroundColor3 to the color of the ui behind it
edit: or u can make a png image of the border u want, make the ui slightly bigger to fit the original size with the border, use an ImageLabel and set BackgroundTransparency to 1

I would create the border with a transparent background on a separate website or program such as Figma, Photoshop, or Gimp. Save it as a PNG, upload it as a decal and insert as an image label or button depending on what you would want it to be. Hope this helps!

Yup this is sadly the only solution, kinda sucks theres no way to separate background transparency and border transparency. Another very limiting aspect of the UI editor