Backpack GUI[Positioning]

Alas mates, im back again lol
Ok so, what i want to achieve? moving the player’s backpack gui, i tried doing this via local script and server script, but from what i’ve researched it’s a ROBLOX Locked item and will always error if you try to change any of the properties?

Is it even possible to move the default roblox backpack gui?
or would i have to make my own in order to accomplish this?

Appreciate your time, many thanks to those who answer my questions.

I don’t think you can move core GUI elements, if you could I think it would have to do with something with treating them like normal frame instances. However, you can always disable the backpack UI and use UI buttons to create your own inventory. But I don’t think that is what you wanted.


You would have to make a custom backpack, if you wanted for more specific things like saving position of tools then you would have to make a inventory system. but there are ways of making a custom backpack, you would have to disable the coregui for the backpack and then make your own backpack Custom backpack and inventory system? Check this out

thanks mate, appreciate the input

yeah i really dont want to make a custom one, but it’s all good, thanks tho mate


Then you can do

Hope this helped

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