Backpack Model attachment

Hey developers! I’m trying to add a backpack attachment to the player so the player can change their backpack, and it display’s on their back (Very common in simulator games, like mining simulators)

I have a system right now, which is on the server, however… It doesn’t quite do what I want. It’s on the players back. but when the player moves the backpack doesn’t “follow it” (when I say that I mean, yes the backpack follows it, however the bag doesn’t do any bending, etc, and doesn’t look great)

This is my script (on the server) right now

	local CloneBackpack : Model = Backpack:Clone()
	local Weld ="Weld", CloneBackpack:FindFirstChild("MainPart"))
	Weld.C0 =,0, 0.6)
	CloneBackpack.Parent = player.Character
	Weld.Part0 = player.Character.HumanoidRootPart
	Weld.Part1 = CloneBackpack:FindFirstChild("MainPart")

Here is a video to explain my issue… a lot better

Any help is appreciated!

It’s not moving with the character because the weld is set to the HumanoidRootPart which doesn’t get animated. If you want it to move with the character’s torso try setting the Part0 to UpperTorso (or Torso if R6)

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How do I make it work with both R6 and R15?

You would have to make an if statement to check for Torso and UpperTorso. It’s much easier to just set your game to R6 or R15 because you are going to have to test different C0 CFrames for the Torso and UpperTorso to get it look right.

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Why both R6 and R15?
Are you making a model for somebody?

Why not just turning that Backpack into an accessory? it will weld automatically and placed in the proper Attachment no matter if its R6 or R15


I myself don’t understand accessory’s. And some backpacks have animations (not sure if that can be done with accessory’s). And also this system has a ton of backpacks, and so the welding allows me to make that change nice and quick (not saying I couldn’t do it with accessory’s)

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