Backpack Save Convert to PlayerGui [SetAsync]

What i want is that a player joined and leave [PlayerGui should save automatically]

My achieve is Loadout/Create a Character for AutoSave, I’ve already have morphs
with bodypart and weapons/tools.

I search the data saving tools from Youtube, then i discover video called Universal Backpack Save | Roblox Scripting Tutorial. I was wondering if that could, edit Backpack to PlayerGui from scripting. I watched whole of her videos and took a free model. It worked perfect from following instruction FOR BACKPACK, I did and i will post it here the scripting where i should counter script Backpack convert to PlayerGui.

Video of her Backpack Save: Universal Backpack Save | Roblox Scripting Tutorial - YouTube
Model: Universal Backpack Save - Roblox (Where you can take a script to look)
Original Scripting

My adapting


I did posted here the different methods what it run to, I’m aware something like this char.Humaiod.Died:connect(function()

When i died, ScreenGui did remove itself same thing as Tool and so respawn, you don’t keep Gui like the Tools does were saved from (Original script)

What i notice the StarterGear (Original script), i look in Object Browser, can’t find anything what is meant so, is it Only for Backpack or variety inside Player (through Backpack,PlayerGui and PlayerScript). because that is copy into whether is clone or not?

Even i tried this BUT it doesn’t keep it after you died or rejoin the game like the tools does. Backpack saving to convert Playergui (Scripting) Why i post this, It did saved with the ammo include with Gui after i rejoined or died and that make me think is it possible.

	local old = player.StarterGear:GetChildren()
	for i = 1, #old do
	local new = player.PlayerGui:GetChildren() -- Change from Backpack(Joshua7ninjaX edit)
	for i = 1, #new do
		new[i].Parent = player.StarterGear


If you don’t understand my intention or description please reply for me to clarify or test it out:

I just tested it out, and it seemed to work. Also, I highly suggest against your method of using UIs since exploiters should be able to add new UIs and get free items. Not completely sure of what you’re trying to do, I suggest you use values on the server and make sure the client can’t change them. Also, you should look into this,

After you died or PlayerRemoving This Customization GUI should automatically [PlayerGui - ScreenGui]