Backpack.ChildAdded is not fired when tools are put into the backpack at CharacterAdded

When I put a Tool inside the Player’s backpack inside CharacterAdded, Backpack.ChildAdded is not fired. This leads me to have to write some gross workarounds.

This happens 100% of the time.

Repro file: tool childadded characteradded.rbxl (16.2 KB)

  • Click the button
  • Reset
  • Notice how you have tools in your backpack, but check the console and see nothing was printed (ChildAdded would call print if it were fired).

This bug happens in both test solo and test server, but I haven’t tested in a live game.

This is the same for DescendantAdded as well. I am unsure if this is specific to CharacterAdded. Note however that if I didn’t include the CharacterAdded and just gave the Tool when clicked, it does fire ChildAdded.

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