Backrooms-esque horror game!

I am making a backrooms style horror game!
I am looking for some feedback on the beginning “level” and also suggestions and future levels (pref from the actual backrooms, with a little twist!)

Any Feedback is helpful and I’m always listening!!

P.S. the game isn’t meant to be a hard set copy of any backrooms lore/backrooms game, rather a compilation of my ideas and random backrooms media.


It looks nice! The text is good, i also love the highlights. You could add some more details unless you are going with this style of building. But there is one thing you should change. It’s the room size. It is a little bit small, you should make it bigger.


Thank you for your feedback! I wanted to go with a more limited style building making you feel crammed inside your own house. As much as like detail, this game would fit much better with limited detail, more detail in the scripting and gameplay rather than building.

An example being that when you hit your head against the fan, it breaks it and stops it from working.