Backrooms Level 0 with random/unique room generation

as a teenager myself i’ve been ‘surfing the web’ on youtube; i stumbled upon a few videos revolving around an urban legend widely known as the backrooms.

the backrooms is essentially an endless maze of randomly generated office rooms characterized by walls with a monochromatic tone of yellow, buzzing lights, and obviously-- well, the arbitrary design of each room itself.

the obstacles about implementing this into a game is that;

  1. the place itself is so big that it’s speculated to be infinite length :frowning:
  2. each room has to be unique, to add on to that ‘discomforting’ feel

which you know, once i figured this out i already decided on giving up on it already–


seeing that ROBLOX games about or that are a spin-off of the backrooms aren’t randomly generated, it really motivated me to see what i can do with it.

so here’s how the generation looks if you’re that interested. it generates a room off of a random node that is available (no i did not need to do this) and adds random models/walls based off chances

with the way this works since it’s basded off of a grid (30 by 30 in the example) i can
make the backrooms as a whole as big as i want (i definitely want to improve optimization for this)

i want to see if this can be potentially made into a horror game of itself, as i had a lot of fun with it and i think it would be fun considering each level can be different every time, as long as i add an objective to it.

i appreciate your feedback and responses towards making it look more like the backrooms or concepts on how the game could actually play out, here’s an example of how the game can be like if this could ever happen!


It’s really cool, but I’d suggest trying to make it a bit less open. Just feels a bit strange to see it so open after all the other video game renditions of level 0 I’ve seen

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i appreciate the feedback, yeah doing this would be awfully easy just by making a number of rooms that don’t have much of space open for that node, i’ll definitely look on that for when i completely finish it

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mix in some rooms being placed around randomly and you’ve got a golden backrooms generator

Very cool idea! Not gonna lie if you make this a game, uhhh that vhs effect sucks.

Backrooms has became really popular lately, especially with the K.P. working on his backrooms series. A lot of ROBLOX games fail on making a good backrooms game due to a lot of reasons, however I like what I see on that video because of the amazing coloring and texturing. Also the fact that the walls and lights overlap is really cool, because it’s backrooms after all, it’s supposed to not make sense, And that monster at the end, that’d really scare me if I didn’t knew it was a feature, so good job!

Making a randomly generated map would lead to randomness and confusions sometimes making exiting the first level impossible which players would be bored of and just simply leave i reccommend you add a un-common exit door generation as well

That can be very easily solved: You just random generate the map and manually add the exit. if the generation does not allow the player to get to the exit, then you manually make the way to the exit! and in my opinion, random generation is mandatory whenever making a backrooms level, because the whole concept of backrooms is randomness and confusion to begin with.

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